Glasses for Office Furniture
Office desks separated by glass desk dividers

Glasses for Office Furniture

The use of glass in office furniture continues to grow in popularity. Not only does it add a distinctive, clean and stylish look to office spaces, but it's also robust. SCHOTT glass solutions offer high performance and a wide range of processing possibilities to enable individual designs.
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Innovative, stunning looks

As digitalization transforms the 21st century workplace, SCHOTT glass drives innovative thinking for a new generation of workspaces, and we encourage organizational success in the office with leaner, more creative and productive setups. Our passion for innovation cultivates an unrivalled variety of products through a wide range of processing options, such as printing, edges and corner works, to combine stunning good looks with practical function.

Interior of an office, with glass partitions and desk dividers

State-of-the-art quality

SCHOTT’s automated and integrated production line optimizes quality in our glass products to continuously meet the high expectations of manufacturers and office users. The key to long-lasting products is high quality processing, and our use of the latest processing equipment and highest quality materials ensures a lifetime of style and function.

White open plan office with series of desks with glass desk dividers

Product variants

SCHOTT works diligently to provide customers with customized solutions that meet a set of unique needs. We begin this process by guiding you towards products specifically designed for your application, such as desk dividers and glass partitions. Both are  available in a range of dimensions and design options.

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Glass office partition with etched design
Interior of an office with large glass partition
Find out how SCHOTT® MetalLook combines the advantages of glass with the luxurious look of stainless steel for home appliances.

We are certified

SCHOTT glass for office furniture is certified to meet the following standards: ASTM C1048, ANSI Z97.1-2004, and the Safety Commission Standard for Architectural Glazing. In addition, the glass conforms to PD-QC-GLASS and is registered with SGCC in the US and Canada.

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News & Innovation stories

Get the look!

We sell a selection of contact shield glass solutions through Amazon. Click through for more details.

Glass gas hob with silver SCHOTT® MetalLook finish

The style of steel

Find out more about SCHOTT MetalLook, which combines the properties of glass with the appearance of stainless steel.

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Glass oven door with abstract wave pattern

Unique printing possibilities on glass

Find out how SCHOTT® Duo Design printing on both sides of the glass offers stunning 3D effects, distinctive logo presentation, a new haptic experience, surfaces less prone to fingerprints, and fascinating matt-gloss effects.

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