Finger poised over a keyboard on a touchscreen display with SCHOTT Anti-Glare Glass

Anti-Glare Glass

Glass reflections can make for a beautiful spectacle but they can also be the source of serious frustration. Whether it’s strong sunlight or bright street lighting, reflection at any time of the day can obscure key public information and advertising, but SCHOTT Anti-Glare Glass cuts down on unwanted reflections.

Store worker operating a touchscreen display made with SCHOTT Anti-Glare Glass

Clear, readable and consistent

SCHOTT Anti-Glare Glass offers a consistently clear and readable view of screens or displays even when direct, pointed light is shining on them. Views from an angle are also clearer and any scratches or marks are less obstructive.

Hand pushing a bank card into an ATM machine with an anti-glare glass display

Outstanding outdoor view

Any screen or display subject to strong light will benefit from SCHOTT Anti-Glare Glass. The difference is particularly noticeable during outdoor use of touch displays, while digital signage becomes clearer and Human Machine Interfaces such as ATMs are no longer subject to frustrating, customer-unfriendly viewing issues.

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