Cartridges for Reduced Drug-Container Interaction

Accurate production techniques and years of experience in the pharmaceutical glass sector provide SCHOTT cartridges with tight dimensions and premium surface quality. This ensures reduced drug-container interaction, superior container processing, device compatibility and reliable point-of-use performance.

Technical accuracy from standardized to specialized

Outstanding stability

A high-end cartridge converting process using Type I FIOLAX® borosilicate tubing provides an excellent extractables and leachables profile during the shelf life of your biologics. Reduced alkalinity glass for enhanced drug stability is also upon request with FIOLAX® CHR (Controlled Hydrolytic Resistance) glass tubing. 

Excellent fill + finish

Excellent 100% controlled dimensional quality provides fast and reliable siliconization, as well as filling and sealing of the cartridges in your production line. Camera-assisted inspections also ensure dimensional and cosmetic excellence, with reduced rejections.

Manufacturing beyond standard

SCHOTT’s fully automated production process is free of glass-to-glass-contact. Rigorous in-process control (IPC) and self-inspection also ensures strict compliance with specified cartridge dimensions, cosmetic quality and functionality.

Easy handling at point of use

With proven device compatibility with all major device players, there's no drug loss when mounting the cartridge into the device. Statements of reference products are available with our standard cartridge portfolio.

Dimensions and Cosmetics

Highly accurate production techniques and decades of experience has the result of SCHOTT being able to facilitate tighter dimensions and premium surface quality that reliably ensures reduced drug-container-interaction, superior container processing, device compatibility and reliable performance at point of use.

The flange form of a cartridge is determined by the filling procedure or the crimp solution: Lined seals have a proven fit with our cartridges and are optimized for device performance. These seals are designed in accordance with industry standards for single-dose or multi-dose applications in various formats for liquid application. For bigger openings, serum stoppers for vials and their respective crimps are used.


We offer the following flanges with our SCHOTT cartridges:

SCHOTT Cartridges Neck Formats

We offer tight geometric tolerances:


 Dimensions and Cosmetics

Following options upon request:

  • Customized length and diameter
  • Reduced (tighter) tolerances
  • Customizable cosmetic quality level
  • Printing/graduation/ring
  • Double chamber geometry with bypass
  • Mechanical strengthening

SCHOTT Cartridges_Dimensions Table

Hydrolytic Resistance

Improved Type I FIOLAX® borosilicate glass – FIOLAX® CHR 'Controlled Hydrolytic Resistance' for cartridges. FIOLAX® CHR fullfills and comply with PH.Eur., USP and JP international standards.


Break-resistant cartridges made out of FIOLAX® with chemical strengthening is the customized option for the harshest environmental requests. Chemical toughening of FIOLAX® with a depth of penetration of 36 uM helps to fullfill the requested additional side-compression specification of >/= 350 lbf in mean.

Material / Glass Type

SCHOTT cartridges are produced using a choice of glass materials, each with their own individual properties for specific applications. These materials include: 

  • FIOLAX® 
  • FIOLAX® (CHR) clear

Technical details for our cartridges

Standardized quality level according to ISO

The StandardLine includes:

  • Production in cGMP environment
  • Statistical in-process control
  • Dimensional and cosmetic AQL levels according to ISO
  • 100% camera inspection of dimensional parameters
  • Pen cartridges: ISO 13926-1: 2018
  • Dental cartridges: ISO 11040-1: 2015
  • Double Chamber cartridges (1 ml)

Customized product specifications and quality levels

TopLine options include:

  • Production in cGMP environment
  • Statistical in-process control
  • Customized dimensional and cosmetic AQL levels
  • 100% camera inspection of dimensional and cosmetic parameters
  • Pen cartridges: ISO 13926-1: 2018
  • Double Chamber cartridges (customized formats available)
  • Break Resistant cartridges
  • Ready-to-use: see cartriQ®

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