Pharmaceutical Ampoules

Healthcare professionals around the world demand the highest standards when it comes to administering medicine to patients, and SCHOTT ampoules ensure maximum protection for painkillers, inflammation inhibitors, emergency drugs and anesthetics, as well as essential medication and diluents for lyophilized applications. Our portfolio also offers a range of effective storage for non-injectable solutions.
Gloved hand holding a clear pharmaceutical glass ampoule


Painkillers or analgesics are used to treat severe pain in emergency situations as well as long-standing pain. They are only available on prescription and stock amounts are closely monitored. Easy opening and drug stability over time are a must.

Woman in green t-shirt holding her wrist in pain

Inflammation inhibitors

Efforts to find and develop small molecule-based drug agents for combating inflammation and autoimmune-related conditions is intensifying in the drug discovery industry. Oral administration may become the standard but a large proportion is still stored and injected via ampoules.

Team of four surgeons working in a hospital operating theater


Ampoules are essential for the safe, long-term storage of anesthetics, and are routinely used by anesthesiologists, nurses and nurse aides in hospitals and medical centers. In order to retain their effectiveness, anesthetics must be used immediately after the ampoule is opened, so the container must be consistently reliable and simple to use.

Woman injecting a liquid into a glass ampoule

Diluents for lyophilized applications

The reconstitution of lyophilized products with diluents is a complex and precise process that increase the effectiveness of a drug. The storage of diluents, such as Water For Injection (WFI), is often required in ampoules.

Top view of several clear and amber pharmaceutical glass ampoules

Non-injectable solutions

Our ampoules provide storage solutions for a range of cosmetic applications, such as hair loss, anti-aging and skincare treatments.

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