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Process analytical technology (PAT) components are revolutionary ports that act as sensor interfaces on bioreactors, enabling in-situ bioprocess monitoring through hermetically sealed optical windows without compromising the sterile boundary. These PAT components are particularly useful in spectroscopy.

Kristina Gruber discusses the key benefits of utilizing newly-developed PAT components in Raman spectroscopy.

What is Raman spectroscopy?

Raman spectroscopy is an analytical technique used in life sciences to derive structural information for the purpose of identifying molecules. Samples are illuminated with laser light, which triggers molecular vibrations that can be used to determine chemical composition and other vital material properties, such as measuring concentrations.
Kristina Gruber, Product Manager Biotech at SCHOTT
Kristina Gruber, Product Manager Biotech at SCHOTT

Why is Raman spectroscopy useful?

Due to the light-based nature of the process, Raman spectroscopy is a non-destructive and non-contact process. Required handling and preparation of samples is minimal, and analysis can be conducted using a number of approaches that includes studying individual input materials, mid-process composition, and final product checks.

Analysis time is fast and supports automation and increased capability for process control. The high molecular specificity of Raman scattering enables the analysis of non-homogenous compositions, and the process is proven hands-on in multi-use or laboratory bioreactors using existing standardized ports.

Advantages of ViewPort® components 

Bioreactor and separate port

Connected to standardized ports

ViewPort® components can be sterilized along with the bioreactor

Sterilizable with bioreactor

Spectrometer connected to bioreactor

Interface for sensors or spectrometers

Insight into bioreactor

Real-time monitoring through optical window

Exchange of spectrometer

Exchangeable any time at running cultivation providing sterile integrity

Insight into bioreactor

Continuing real-time monitoring

How can ViewPort® technology be integrated for Raman spectroscopy?

ViewPort® components reduce the number of components that require sterilization, while an easy change-out process eliminates the need for instrument redundancy and the risk of contamination. Optical instruments can also be shared between bioreactors, and ports can be shared with additional optical tools without issue. Single-use bioreactor processes can be validated using existing equipment using a bellows port, and ports can be implemented in single-use bioreactor bags for future innovation in process analysis.

October 29th, 2022


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