Xensation® Flex

Back in 1884, Otto Schott invented specialty glass and founded SCHOTT as a technology company. What if someone told him that over 130 years later, his company would completely change the perception of glass as a rigid and heavy material? However unthinkable, today – the future is finally here. With ultra-thin, ultra-flexible Xensation® Flex.


Smartphone manufacturers never stop improving and changing mobile displays in order to compete in the ever-evolving smartphone market. Foldable or flexible glass displays, with revolutionary form factors and superior transparency, are said to be “the next big thing” in Consumer Electronics. For a premium and high-end appeal, a flexible cover glass is the material of choice.

Sample of a SCHOTT Xensation® Flex glass sheet

Enabling the foldable glass revolution

SCHOTT has been producing ultra-thin glass for more than 60 years. With Xensation® Flex, the “ultra-thin glass powerhouse“ has now introduced the first ultra-thin glass (SCHOTT UTG®) product with the ability to be chemically strengthened. It is enabling what was once a key technical barrier for foldable displays.

A glass innovation

What was once believed to be impossible is now possible: an extremely small bending radius less than 1 millimeter (mm) after processing.

A glass that can bend more than 300,000 times

Flexible, bendable glass is reality

More flexible than the limits of your imagination. With thicknesses below 100 micrometers, SCHOTT is creating a new generation of ultra-thin glass (SCHOTT UTG®) that is ideally suited for integration into all kinds of devices, thanks to their ability to be flexible or chemically strengthened, or both. In this way, SCHOTT is paving the way for unprecedented device designs – be it as foldable displays, components in mobile cameras or a completely new product groups: ultra-thin glass is what makes innovations in the area of consumer electronics possible in the first place.

The smallest bending radii that make ultra-thin glass beyond the 100 micrometer mark possible are particularly breathtaking. For example, the embedded video indicates the latest generation of flexible SCHOTT glass that can be bent to a radius of less than 1 millimeter.

We are certain that there is even more to it. Not least thanks to the glass-making heroes at SCHOTT who reinvent our beloved material glass every day. Building on a company history of over 135 years, which is still part of our DNA today.

Testimonial Slider-01

“We are supplying ultra-thin glass to Samsung now. Our customers trust in our technology and production capabilities for such high tech products. To keep this trust, we continuously improve and strengthen our ultra-thin glass offering. The official market launch of the Xensation® Flex highlights our efforts in this very demanding technology development.”
Dr. Feng He
Head of Global Product Management and Application for SCHOTT UTG®
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“SCHOTT has been producing ultra-thin glass for more than 60 years – based on this strong heritage, we are extremely happy to help shape the future of foldable phones with this breathtaking material.”
Dr. Mathias Mydlak
Senior Business Development Manager, Product Group UTG Cover

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