SCHOTT’s comprehensive collection of ampoules delivers consistent reliability, with an enhancement option that makes opening them easier, reducing the risk of injury to carers and decreasing drug wastage. Other options include an anti-counterfeiting drug identification technique that protects patient health.
Ampoule easyOPC Ampoule easyOPC
  • Ampoule easyOPC
  • Ampoule easyOPC
Ampoule easyOPC

Opening an ampoule can sometimes be a challenge, as a poor break of the glass can injure a healthcare professional or make the drug inside unusable. The new Ampoule easyOPC makes one-point cut openings simpler, lowering the risk of injury to nurses and doctors, while protecting the medicine inside.


Ampoule easyOPC opens more effectively thanks to an improved break force specification range. This results in less likelihood of drug batches having to be rejected due to the risks associated with hard-to-open ampoules.



  • Easier ampoule opening
  • Reduced risk of injury to healthcare professionals
  • Less rejection of drugs and market complaints
  • Overall improvement in costs
Ampoule AC (Anti-Counterfeiting) Ampoule AC (Anti-Counterfeiting)
  • Ampoule AC (Anti-Counterfeiting)
  • Ampoule AC (Anti-Counterfeiting)
Ampoule AC (Anti-Counterfeiting)

SCHOTT Ampoule AC (Anti-Counterfeiting) offers reassuring guarantees against the hazards and costs of drug counterfeiting. The ampoule is print-marked by ink containing light-emitting particles visible only with a special reader, easily establishing the origin of the pharmaceutical products inside.


These ampoules play a key role in the campaign against fake drugs which, according to the World Health Organization, account for 10% of all drugs bought worldwide. Two-thirds of these contain little or no amount of an authentic drug’s active ingredient, and they can also be supplied with inaccurate or fake packaging and labeling, so could be harmful to patient health. SCHOTT Ampoule AC protects the intellectual property of companies who make the genuine article and protect patient safety.



  • Helps to prevent counterfeiting.
  • Accurate identification of genuine drugs.
  • Greater patient safety.
  • Intellectual property protected.

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