Space shuttle flying away from the Earth


Aerospace industries face unique challenges that cannot always be met by the systems found on traditional aircraft. SCHOTT glass-ceramic materials and components deliver high performance and superior durability in environments that feature extreme temperature differences, pressure, and radiation loads.

SCHOTT’s range of highly reliable and durable glass and glass-ceramic substrates are coated to prevent the misting of instrument displays and maximize touchscreen functionality. As well as optimizing the effectiveness of external and airfield lighting, our sophisticated coatings also enhance the contrast on cockpit displays to improve vision.

Electronics and Sensors

SCHOTT’s unrivalled ability to manufacture products that combine robustness with exceptional performance in miniaturized formats has been of great benefit to the aerospace industry. Our glass and glass-related components play a key role in safeguarding highly sensitive electronic components, while enabling their reliable functionality.

Navigation and Displays

SCHOTT has met the considerable demands of aerospace navigation with a number of highly advanced products. ZERODUR® extremely low expansion glass-ceramic for ring laser gyroscopes provides precise orientation measurements while withstanding challenging temperature and pressure factors. Our expertise in optimizing visual displays in the harshest conditions is another significant advantage.

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

As well as being a global leader in the production of glass and glass-ceramic sealants SCHOTT specialty glass is also used in the manufacture of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs). A typical SOFC consists of multiple cells stacked into a single high-performance planar cell, but to prevent the mixing of fuel and oxidant, these layers need to be hermetically sealed, and SCHOTT's specialty glasses are the ideal solution.

Thermal Protection Shielding

Exterior protection of a spacecraft is absolutely vital because of the exceptional differences in temperature when entering or leaving the Earth’s atmosphere, so SCHOTT’s heat-resistant protective glass products are highly valued within the aerospace industry.