Solar Glass 0787

Specially designed for use in the space exploration field, SCHOTT® Solar Glass 0787 has a wide range of technical advantages. These ensure long-lasting, stable performance and a continuing dual role, both protecting and enhancing the function of spacecraft for the entire length of their mission – and beyond.

Developed to explore space – and beyond

Protection against radiation

To ensure a space system functions well throughout the duration of a mission, its technology and hardware need to be effectively protected against particle radiation and UV-B and UV-C rays. Solar Glass 0787 absorbs that harmful light and minimizes the damage it causes.

High light transmission

Across the radiation spectrum from UV-A to NIR, Solar Glass 0787 achieves an outstanding level of transmission. This enables high performance and efficiency of photovoltaic systems, which spacecraft depend upon to function at the optimum level.

Solarization stable

The harmful radiation in space means that degradation is always a threat. The special material composition of Solar Glass 0787 is designed to prevent solarization or discoloration of the glass, enabling a stable optical performance for the lifetime of the mission.

High surface quality

The stable and reliable performance of a glass depends on its geometrical properties, and SCHOTT has the expertise to deliver top quality. All thicknesses and shapes are drawn with a fire-polished surface and homogenous geometry, producing consistently great results.

Material properties

Optical properties

Chart showing the optical properties of SCHOTT® Solar Glass 0787 


Thermal properties

Chart showing the thermal properties of SCHOTT® Solar Glass 0787


Chemical properties

Chart showing the chemical properties of SCHOTT® Solar Glass 0787


Mechanical properties

Chart showing the mechanical properties of SCHOTT® Solar Glass 0787


Electrical properties

Chart showing the electrical properties of SCHOTT® Solar Glass 0787


  Spectral transmittance

Graph showing the spectral transmittance of SCHOTT® Solar Glass 0787 between 200-3,200 nm wavelength


Graph showing the spectral transmittance of SCHOTT® Solar Glass 0787 between 200-500 nm wavelength



Transmittance values

Graph showing the transmittance values of SCHOTT® Solar Glass 0787



SCHOTT® Solar Glass 0787 is available as:

  • Cut-to-size substrates
  • Unpolished substrates and wafers

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