Solar Glass 0787

SCHOTT developed Solar Glass 0787 to meet the demands of space exploration and research, combining protection and function to enable a range of applications. With the option of additional coatings plus a range of sizes and thicknesses, Solar Glass 0787 is versatile, reliable and highly effective.
Satellite with photovoltaic solar panels orbiting the Earth

Space photovoltaics

The use of photovoltaic solar cells is central to spacecraft function. However, radiation in space gradually degrades those cells, reducing their efficiency. Solar Glass 0787 is the ideal cover glass for photovoltaic cells, minimizing damage while maintaining high light transmission in the visible and near-infrared ranges. Anti-reflective coatings can also be applied to the glass, increasing transmission levels further.

Solar reflectors of a satellite in Earth's orbit

Optical solar reflectors

Thermal management in spacecraft is vital, with the temperature needing to be carefully regulated and heat exchange maintained. For effective heat exchange, a spacecraft requires efficient thermo-optical surfaces. When applied with a reflective coating, SCHOTT® Solar Glass 0787 is a highly effective thermo-optical surface, protecting against harmful solar radiation while facilitating heat exchange thanks to high emittance in the infrared range.

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