BOROFLOAT® - Inspiration through Quality

Versatility has a name

The success story of BOROFLOAT® glass is marked by its versatility and unique combination of material properties that help make this borosilicate glass superior. A fascinating story has been written but new and interesting chapters are still to come. In consultation with our customers, we will continue to develop solutions to meet tomorrow’s challenges.
Whether it be as an oven door window or a biochip used in modern medical technology, or as a component utilized in theater spotlights, film projectors or diving robots, few glass types can claim to be as versatile as BOROFLOAT® glass. Even space exploration has adopted the material as a key component in research telescopes, enabling scientists to view fascinating, new dimensions.

BOROFLOAT® 33 glass from Germany is the world’s first floated borosilicate flat glass. Its combines superior quality and excellent flatness with outstanding thermal, optical, chemical and mechanical features. The chemical composition and physical properties of BOROFLOAT® 33 are in accordance with DIN ISO 3585 and EN 1748 T1. Rediscover BOROFLOAT® 33 and experience the infinite potential of our most versatile material platform.



BOROFLOAT chemical composition

Production in the Microfloat Process

SCHOTT manufactures BOROFLOAT® 33 glass using proprietary, state-of-the-art Microfloat technology. The Microfloat process delivers highly homogeneous glass quality with a mirror-like surface, excellent flatness and outstanding optical properties.
Xensation® Cover is produced using SCHOTT’s unique microfloat process
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Trade fair CIOE - China International Optoelectronic Exposition, Shenzhen, China, 01.09 - 03.09.2021