SCHOTT® Discus

Highly economic LED solution

SCHOTT® Discus

SCHOTT pioneered the market for wall- or seat-mounted solutions with its highly attractive Reading Lights.

One examples out of this product family are the LED Reading Lights SCHOTT® Discus. It convinces with its outstanding design and the highly efficient light output. The fitting can be adjusted individually and guarantees the optimal illumination of the passenger‘s private area without disturbing the neighbour seat.

SCHOTT® Discus is powered by a single LED and thus allows a highly economic construction. An advanced temperature management avoids any heating of the surface.

  • localized lighting will a well-defined beam shape
  • individual adjustment by the user
  • less intrusive to the passenger nearby
  • low power consumption of typically 1.5 to 3.0 W per seat means very low operating costs