ZERODUR® - Gyroscope Bodies

Gyroscope bodies made from ZERODUR® extremely low expansion glass ceramic are the key elements of the inertial reference for precise position measurement in any aircraft. There are at least three gyroscopes in every airplane measuring the 3-D-position of the aircraft which guarantees the highest degree of safety. Gyroscopes face challenging demands with respect to temperature and pressure resistance, whereby a material with a extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion is needed.

ZERODUR® from SCHOTT is a material with extraordinary characteristics and used for ultimately demanding applications in terms of stability and accuracy. More information about ZERODUR® can be found here.

Filter Glasses

Filters from SCHOTT utilizing colored glass, clear glass and sophisticated coatings are being used for contrast enhancement on cockpit displays. In addition, night vision compatible filters allow cockpit illumination and display readability under challenging circumstances. Toughened color filters are also used for external lighting, airfield lighting and identification.

SCHOTT offers one of the largest portfolios comprising of color glass- and interference-filter providing full spectral solutions in standard or customized form. More information can be found here.

Head Up Displays

Semi-reflecting instrument glass produced, coated and assembled by SCHOTT enables the projection of the instrument data to the cockpit window. Supporting the view of surroundings and all flight data at the same time, HUD’s are a key element to touch down under difficult weather conditions. This product represents SCHOTT capability to produce high precision optical components combined with various processes and service such as assembly. Information about our portfolio of components leveraging SCHOTT’s range of optical glasses and further materials can be found here

Instrument glasses

Reliable glasses from SCHOTT function as covers for analog and LCD instruments in the aircraft, especially in the cockpit, and enable a non-distorted view. Due to outstanding coating capabilities, misting is no longer an issue as the demist coated instrument glasses provide a clear view to the displayed information at all times. SCHOTT's coating innovation enables design and functionality with new touch screen generations. More about our processing capabilities and our components portfolio can be found here.


Advanced Optics also supplies raw material, semi-finished goods and components for the production and assembly of final products and systems for Cabin Lighting, External Signal Lighting, Metal Strengthening, Ejection Systems, Cockpit Illumination and Lighting Wedges. In addition SCHOTT provides various products for the enhancement of cabin architecture and for electronical applications. More about our portfolio can be found here.