Precise presentation of information in the cockpit is absolutely vital for safe air travel. Here, obtaining an excellent view of the instruments and controls is essential and projecting flight-related information into the viewing field of the pilot makes takeoff, landing and flying a lot easier, even under the most difficult conditions. For these functions, special filter glasses or coated glass components are essential.

Gyroscopes are another essential part of navigation making it possible to determine the precise location of an airplane through permanently measuring the 3-D-position of the aircraft. Today, there are at least three gyroscopes in every airplane guaranteeing the highest degree of safety. Gyroscopes face challenging demands with respect to temperature and pressure resistance, thus a material with a zero of thermal expansion is needed.

Advanced Optics, one of business segments of SCHOTT, offers a large variety of optical materials and components of which many products are being used in the field of AVIATION supporting flight systems associated with navigation, guidance, display, illumination and other needed functions. As such SCHOTT helps providing the basis for safe flying. Our advantage is the strong focus on industrial components. We know the demands for high quality, reliability and consistency and have been a qualified supplier to the Avionics industry for many years. All our sites in our global production network are ISO 9001, EN 9100 and ISO 14001 certified.