LED Products

SCHOTT® HelioJet

A smart and sufficient LED cabin lighting to replace fluorescent tubes. It combines LED and fiber optic technology. Unlike common LED strips which consist of several light diodes showing certain disadvantages during their lifetime, the LED solution uses only a fractional amount of light diodes. This leads to significant improvements in performance like light stability over time.

The multiple electromechanical light variations of SCHOTT® HelioJet are suitable for most aircraft types.
The smart LED cabin lighting is the first joint development of SCHOTT and
Change in light stability avoided: When LEDs are aging, they tend to show color shifts and light instability over time, as it can be seen in the photo on the left. SCHOTT® HelioJet, however, uses high power LEDs only and counteracts both effects.
No light point effects: Unlike the pure LED solution on the left, SCHOTT® HelioJet does not show any light point effects. The smart LED SCHOTT product, instead, mixes the LED light colors in the light guide, creating a perfect appearance.
Lower maintenance efforts: SCHOTT® HelioJet uses all the advantages of fluorescent tubes and LED technology: long lifetime combined with homogeneous illumination. The high quality LEDs guarantee best light performance and reliability. Moreover, the LED solution needs less maintenance due to a small number of LEDs involved.

Unique performance

LED strip solution
SCHOTT® HelioJet
LED feeding light into a fiber optic glass rod with reflector technology
SCHOTT® HelioJet mixes the light inside a glass rod and delivers extremely homogeneous light distribution with linear emission.

Light and aperture angle can be adjusted precisely. This approach offers advantages over LED stripes that consist of a large number of light diodes. Please, see above.