A star is born thanks to SCHOTT NARIMA®

Turkmenistan Tower, Aşgabat



1,000 meters above Aşgabat the 211-meter high TV Tower dominates the surrounding area.

The tower‘s design came from the drawing board of the Turkish architecture office of Polimeks COE. The TV tower, with its eight-pointed star and 145 meter-high revolving restaurant, is not just an architectural showpiece; it is also unique from a technical standpoint. The glass façade is equipped with a photovoltaic system that illuminates the tower at night. 13 television studios and other broadcasting facilities are housed in the main building. A 38-meter high antenna has been integrated into the top of the tower.

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SCHOTT provided 5,044.5 m2 of its NARIMA® color effects glass in the special color “Blue” for this exceptional project. A particular challenge lay in developing and executing this client-specific color.

An interesting aside: The eight-pointed star located in the capital of Turkmenistan, with a total surface area of 3,240 m2, is acknowledged by the Guinness World Record Book as the world’s largest star.