A rainbow dedicated to the memory with SCHOTT NARIMA®

Lynn University, Florida, USA



They wanted to help and ended up victims of a natural disaster.
Twelve students and two professors from Lynn University in the United States traveled to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, in January 2010 to assist with humanitarian aid projects. Two days after they arrived, the hotel they were staying at collapsed during a severe earthquake. Six members of the group were killed.

A place of remembrance for those who had been killed was to be created in the middle of  the campus. At the same time, “Remembrance Plaza” was not to convey a majestic, gloomy mood, but rather a positive and inspiring atmosphere.
Besides having a portico, arranging for water to flow and producing memorial tablets, the idea was to create a memorial for each of the six individuals by producing a symbolic rainbow. Here, the changing play of colors was to represent their individual characters and the various facets of their personalities.

The rainbow effect was to be created by six pillars in the shape of three-dimensional prisms.

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When it came to realizing this idea, the architects decided in favor of the color effects glass NARIMA® from SCHOTT in the basic colors blue-green for the students and blue-gold for the professors.

Each of the prisms consists of three 1.20 x 2.40 m special glass panes for the sides and an equilateral triangle 1.20 m in size for the top side. 63 m² of glass were installed in total as triple glass laminates made of two colored NARIMA® panels and two panes of thermally tempered extraclear low-iron float glass that surround it on both sides.
NARIMA® not only shimmers, but also reflects the environment and offers a clear view of the engraved names of the deceased and inscriptions from their families.

SCHOTT achieved the characteristic rainbow effect by combining a variety of different metallic coatings. They resist scratches and offer high chemical stability.