Return of the knights thanks to SCHOTT AMIRAN® for showcases

NEW: Royal Palace in Dresden - Armory, Germany



Return of the Knight
Knighthood was practiced and tournaments were held where nobility once dined and put on festive balls. Exhibits from the armory in Dresden, one of the world’s most important collections of magnificent arms and suits of armor, are now on display in the gigantic hall of the Royal Palace in Dresden. The anti-reflective AMIRAN® glass that was used to produce 13 large display cases provides an undisturbed view of the noble knights and their horses.

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Specialty glass from SCHOTT does its job well in the large format display cases inside the gigantic 700 m² hall. The unique thing about AMIRAN® laminated safety glass is that it virtually eliminates annoying reflections and protects the valuable
exhibits against vandalism.

Thanks to its durable high-tech coating, the glass offers excellent transmission. With residual reflection of under 1%, it allows for up to 98% of the light to pass through unhindered. The color rendering index of 99% allows the exhibits to appear in their natural beauty. This means the exhibits can be viewed with hardly any reflections and in their true colors.

High-quality AMIRAN® panes were installed as laminated glass in sizes of up to 3,528 x 1,596 mm and up to 17.52 mm in thickness. Perfectly calibrated mitered edges and extremely narrow tolerances, but also the large sizes, place high demands on quality and logistics.


Sehner GmbH, a company based in Deckenpfronn, Germany, that specializes in fittings for museums, designed, manufactured and assembled the display cases.

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SCHOTT AMIRAN® used in Royal Palace in Dresden - Armory
SCHOTT AMIRAN® used in Royal Palace in Dresden - Armory