SCHOTT CONTURAN® DARO made to touch, invisible to the eye


At a Glance

CONTURAN® DARO  is perfect for high-value touch applications using glass top surfaces.

SCHOTT offers a coating that combines durable anti-reflective and oleophobic characteristics - a breakthrough for any touch application.

Anti-reflective coatings significantly enhance the contrast of today’s high-resolution displays, however, they still struggle with the issue of fingerprint visibility on the surface of anti-reflective glasses when used in touch applications. Thus, the market demands a super-tough, super-durable coating that reduces fingerprints together with an anti-reflective coating for quite some time, which is being offered on SCHOTT’s proven material CONTURAN® in the form of CONTURAN® DARO.

  • easy-to-clean with a dry soft cloth
  • repellent to fingerprints and water
  • long-term durability in resisting chemical and mechanical wear
  • anti-reflective coating with luminous reflectance < 1%
  • smooth surface minimizes abrasion and friction
  • great haptics for a gliding feel
  • water contact angle > 110°

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Difference between SCHOTT CONTURAN® DARO and anti-reflective glazing without DARO
The difference between SCHOTT CONTURAN® DARO (left) and anti-reflective glazing (right) can be seen immediately. Thanks to this durable, anti-reflective coating with oleophobic properties (DARO – left), fingerprints and smudges on displays don’t have a chance compared to an anti-reflective coating without DARO.


SCHOTT CONTURAN® - Anti-Reflective Glass for Displays is unique due to ...
... Transparency ...
  • visibility of fingerprints is reduced down to 10%
  • high transmission characteristics
  • less than 0.5% on each surface
  • increased contrast
  • good view of dimly lit items

... Durability ...
  • 400.000 rub cycles that equal more than a 20-year lifetime based on 10 cleaning cycles per day with 5 rubs / cycle
  • withstands mechanical abrasion and chemical resistance tests
  • applied on the basic durable and tested CONTURAN® anti-reflective coating
... Quality ...
  • fingerprints and dirt – now simply wipe them away thanks to our DARO coating!
  • smooth surface minimizes abrasion and friction

Area of Applications

  • touch-screen displays
  • ruggedized displays
  • command and control displays
  • medical displays
  • GPS displays (e. g. automotive)
  • kiosks / public displays
Schott-processed-glass-conturan-touch-display 720
CONTURAN® DARO as cover glass for touch applications

Technical Information

Long-term durability

In order to use an AR coating in a touch application it must have an oleophobic coating that can withstand hundreds of thousands of finger touches and rubs. CONTURAN® DARO fulfills this demand and maintains its properties such as reduced visibility of fingerprints, easy-to-clean properties and good haptics even if subjected to harsh mechanical and chemical stress.

Proof of Durability for Touch Applications
  • inherently resistant to salt spray environments; more than 90 days
  • rub resistance greater than 400,000 rubs per MIL-C-675C (equals > 20-year lifetime)
Mechanical testing

Surface testing

Surfaces of touch-screens need to withstand hundreds of thousands of finger touches.  Touching the surface leads to mechanical abrasion and to chemical wear because of salt in the sweat on our fingers. In order to prove the durability of CONTURAN® DARO we perform mechanical abrasive tests (cheesecloth rubs) as well as chemical resistance tests (salt spray):
Chemical testing

ABREX® test

A combination of mechanical and chemical wear is simulated by the ABREX® test commonly used in the automotive industry, tested using artificial sweat. CONTURAN® DARO slightly surpasses the performance of painted plastic parts in the automotive industry (e. g. for gear selectors) according to DIN EN 60068-2-70 / IEC 68-2-70. CONTURAN® DARO can be used on the gear selector in your car and the oleophobic coating will last for the lifetime of your vehicle.

Reduced visibility of fingerprints

In addition, SCHOTT’s R&D has developed a method to characterize the fingerprint adhesion on untreated and treated glass sheets. With this test procedure it is possible to get reproducible and quantitative results of the amount of fingerprint transfer onto defined substrates.
CONTURAN® DARO in comparison with AR-Glass: intensity of fingerprints after 3 wipes
Equally applied imprint on CONTURAN® DARO and anti-reflective glass (both glasses wiped dry 3 times)
CONTURAN® DARO is available as:
Supply forms • processed glass
• stock sheets
Thickness from 1.1 to 6.0 mm
Dimensions up to 990 x 1,770 mm (72” diagonal)
Available on all CONTURAN® types
Processing can be combined with any type of
processing you require, for example:
• screen printing
• tempering
• laminating
• etc.



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