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At a Glance

SCHOTT is extending its technical glazing portfolio with anti-glare glass

Bright sunshine is a beautiful thing, however sometimes it can be problematic, such as disrupting the viewing of digital displays. This is because reflections and mirror images can occur in both indoor and outdoor areas that are lit by pointed light sources. This is therefore a great reason for using speciality cover glass: anti-glare glass.

SCHOTT is pleased to be extending its portfolio of anti-reflective glass and completing its range of technical glazing with its broad scope of competencies.


  • Greatly improves the readability of displays even under bright conditions and at awkward angles
  • Dirt marks and surface damage are less visible
  • Especially suited to outdoor use, touch displays, HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces) and digital signage displays
Anti-Glare Glass

Comparison of anti-glare and anti-reflective glass

Both types of glass improve the viewing of displays but due to their differing surfaces, possess different properties – and are therefore suited to different needs.

Anti-glare glass:
An alternative for difficult light conditions

Chemical etching gives float glass a slightly roughened surface. This disperses reflections across a larger solid angle so that remaining reflections seem less disruptive at any position taken by the viewer – transmission and reflection values remain the same. Anti-glare glass provides good readability in the open as well as in bright, pointed light conditions. It is also relatively insensitive to dirt or finger marks and therefore especially suitable for touch applications. 
Anti-Glare Glass

Anti-reflective glass:
The multi-talented CONTURAN® for a diversity of applications

CONTURAN® anti-reflective glass is a float glass with an optical interference coated on one or both sides that significantly reduces surface reflections. A specially developed immersion procedure is used to apply multiple metal oxide layers just a few nanometres thick. Reflections are reduced optically by up to 90 % and the glass appears invisible. At a transmission of > 98 % and brilliant colour rendering, viewers can focus on what's important. 
Anti-Reflective Glass


Anti-glare glass: an alternative for difficult light conditions
Anti-glare glass provides consistently good readability of displays even under difficult light conditions, e.g. direct, pointed light. Marks and small scratches are also less visible, a major benefit for touch applications.
Anti-reflective glass: the multi-talented CONTURAN® for a diversity of applications
AR glass demonstrates its benefits in high resolution display applications and impresses with its vibrant colours and enhanced contrasts. It is also unbeatable in lighting applications and food displays which require not only anti-reflection properties but also high levels of transmission.
Anti-reflective glass with a finger print resistant coating:
CONTURAN® DARO – the professional for touch display applications

Anti-reflective glass with an easy to clean/finger print resistant coating combines the high level, colour brilliant transmission of normal glass with anti-reflection, whilst benefitting from surfaces that are less sensitive to marking – benefits generally attributed only to anti-glare glass.

Area of Applications

Applications according to the type of speciality glass

SCHOTT anti-glare glass
  • Touch displays under difficult lighting conditions

  • High resolution displays requiring high level colour brilliance and contrasts

  • Touch displays

Technical Information

Specifications for SCHOTT technical glazing
Glass Anti-glare
Single sided etched
float glass
Single or dual sided
anti-reflective float glass
Single or double sided
anti-reflective glass with
oleophobic properties
Surfaces Gloss type 70*
Gloss type 90*
Blue anti-reflective colour Easy to clean
Hydrophobic surface
Blue anti-reflective colour
1.1 mm
1.9 mm
3.0 mm
1.1 mm – 6.00 mm 1.1 mm – 6.00 mm
Dimensions Up to 1,450 x
1,220 mm (1.1 mm)
Up to 3,000 x
1,500 mm (> 1.9 mm)
Up to
1,770 mm x 3,770 mm
Up to
990 mm x 1,770 mm
*60° angle of measurement; other variants on request


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