SCHOTT RD 30® radiation shielding glass for mammography & analytical equipment


At a Glance

Ensuring safety together in difficult situations

SCHOTT radiation shielding glass provides excellent protection against gamma and X-rays. When it comes to shielding from harmful radiation, no compromises are possible. This is why more and more customers in the fields of medicine, science, and industry are relying on radiation shielding glass from SCHOTT. Safety made in Germany.

SCHOTT is the only company in Germany that manufactures radiation shielding glass, and processes it directly in an expert manner.

SCHOTT supplies RD 30® in maximum dimensions in every geometric shape. A key feature of RD 30® is that it is the only monolithic X-ray shielding glass with 0.5 mm Pb*. Upon request, SCHOTT processes radiation shielding glasses into various versions.

* RD 30® with a thickness of 6mm, status: October 2015
  • RD 30® is the only monolithic drawn radiation shielding glass solution
  • clear glass
  • machine drawn
  • low lead oxide content
  • especially developed for mammography market
  • also applied within industry, e.g. for non-destructive material testing
  • less expensive than alternative and thicker “cast” glass and acrylic solutions
  • better scratch resistance than acrylic alternatives
Realize product innovations
RD 30® offers planners, equipment manufacturers, designers and accessory suppliers in the field of radiation shielding completely new possibilities and benefits for their developments.
RD 30® offers already in the design phase completely new possibilities
Benefit from the advantages that RD 30® offers already in the design phase
Protection meets an almost reflection-free view

The combination of SCHOTT radiation shielding glass RD 30® with the anti-reflective glass SCHOTT AMIRAN® opens up new possibilities for architects, planners, device manufacturers, outfitters and accessories suppliers in the field of radiation protection windows / doors, because the reflections in comparison to conventional radiation shielding glass can be reduced to a minimum. The laminated glass AMIRAN® / RD glass / AMIRAN® offers the best solution for transparency, quality and security requirements.

The combination of SCHOTT radiation shielding glass RD 30® with SCHOTT AMIRAN® ensures the well-known protection against radiation and provides a clear view especially in the examination area. The anti-reflective radiation shielding laminated glass is only slightly thicker than the actual radiation shielding glass and is easy to clean on both sides.
  • Reduction of residual reflection by more than 90 %
  • High transmission (93 %)
  • High mechanical and chemical resistance ensure a long service life and easy cleaning Almost invisible and color neutral enables a perfect viewing
  • Best possible protection of the RD glasses also in the construction as laminate
  • Glass structure made of AMIRAN® / PVB / RD glass /PVB / AMIRAN®


Uniqueness of SCHOTT radiation shielding glass:
  • RD 30® is the only monolithic X-ray protection glass with 0.5 mm Pb*
  • RD 30® can be bent into different versions and is also available as toughened glass

* RD 30 with a thickness of 6 mm, status: October 2015

Other advantages of SCHOTT radiation shielding glass:
  • RD 30® is available in large sizes
  • RD 30® is non-flammable
  • RD 30® is more scratch-resistant than acrylic
  • higher lead equivalents can be achieved by using composites
  • RD 30® is available with holes and cut-outs in the desired sizes
  • RD 30® can be provided as raw material or finished component and processed:
    • edge and bevel grinded
    • drilled
    • curved
    • processing into a glass composite
    • toughened
    • cast resin
    • pvb-film laminated
    • insulating glass in combination with e.g. sound control or heat protection function
    • screen printing
SCHOTT RD glass in various dimensions
SCHOTT radiation shielding glass in various dimensions

Area of Applications

  • mammography, protecting staff, while improving observation and reassuring patients
  • specified for analogue and digital mammography
  • providing protection within a security mail scanner
  • can be tempered and curved to suit design and protection criteria
SCHOTT Radiation Shielding Glass in analytical apparatus
Analytical apparatus equipped with SCHOTT RD glass
Mammography with SCHOTT RD 30® as protective cover
SCHOTT RD 30® used as protective cover for mammography

Technical Information

Optical properties

Refractive index ne at 20°C
(annealed at 40°C/h)

Light transmittance (d= 6.0 mm) 90.5%

Chemical properties

Hydrolytic class according to DIN ISO 719 HGB 3
Lead oxide content (PbO) ≥ 22%
Total heavy metal content ≥ 23%

Mechanical properties

Density in g/cm3
(as-delivered conditions)

≥ 3.13

Other properties

Glass thickness 6 mm*
Evaluated sound insulation value Rw  
Spectral adaptation values C and Ctr
Rw (C; Ctr ) =

34 (-2; -2) dB
*  Sound reduction values for other thicknesses upon request.
Forms of supply for RD 30®
Glass type Thickness Tolerance Minimum lead equivalent at 56 kV Maximum sheet dimensions
Monolithic glass 6.0 mm +/- 0.25 mm 0.5   mm Pb 2,350 mm x 1,500 mm
Laminated glass 2 x 3.1 mm +/- 0,5 mm 0.5   mm Pb 2,400 mm x 1,300 mm
Toughened safety glass 6.0 mm +/- 0.25 mm 0.5   mm Pb 2,350 mm x 1,500 mm
RD 30®: Lead equivalents in mm Pb and delivery dimensions

d = mm
Attenuation equivalent in mm Pb at a tube voltage of: Max. weight kg / m2
50 kV 56 kV 76 kV 80 kV 110kV 150 kV
6.0 ± 0.25 ≥ 0.5 ≥ 0.5 ≥ 0.5 ≥ 0.5 ≥ 0.5 ≥ 0.5 20

Take advantage of the wide variety of processing possibilities

  1. Bored holes and cut-outs available in the sizes you need.
  2. RD glass comes in a curved shape upon request.
  3. Screen printing application and sandblasting: Logos and important information can also be applied individually.
SCHOTT radiation shielding glass with bored holes and cut-outs
SCHOTT RD Glass is available with bored holes and cut-outs in every size.
Curved radiation shiedling glass from SCHOTT
SCHOTT RD Glass can be curved upon request.
Screen printed and sandblasted SCHOTT RD Glass
SCHOTT RD Glass can be screen printed and sandblasted.

Disinfection of radiation shielding glass

  • only use water, a mild detergent and a soft cloth.
  • RD 30® can be disinfected using commercially available disinfectants that SCHOTT has approved. Disinfection using ultraviolet irradiation is also possible.
  • radiation shielding glass should never be exposed to moisture or temperature fluctuations in conjunction with moisture and acidic air.
  • only use a sealant that is free of acids and alkaline substances (e. g. acetic acid, ammonia) during installation. Adhesive labels can cause discoloration if the adhesive reacts with the glass surface.


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