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SCHOTT NARIMA® – Interplay of colour and effect for outdoor applications


An ideal material for architects, designers and artists

SCHOTT NARIMA® is impressive. The glass colour varies depending on the position of the sun and the onlooker. The effect is attractive and captivating – giving a distinctive look to prominent spaces and buildings.
Ways of installation of NARIMA®, the dichroic color-effect glas from SCHOTT
Six available NARIMA® color variations

1. Eye catching façade design

Facade glazing as an application option of NARIMA®

”Façade” project
Printemps – Paris, France

  • Luxury department store in the heart of Paris
  • Historical Art Deco façade using large format NARIMA® glazing in a mosaic look
  • Lighting moods vary depending on the time of day and light incidence
  • Coloured gold to emphasise exclusiveness
  • Applied as laminate using in excess of 12,000 individual panes

2. Unique balcony designs

Balcony glazing as an application option of NARIMA®

”Balcony” project
Fulton – Paris, France

  • Sculptural architecture along the Seine in Paris
  • NARIMA® used as balcony glazing to give emphasis to the modern and dynamic window façade
  • Highly reflective properties for extra balcony privacy
  • NARIMA® is thermally tempered with a highly durable coating and used as extra decorative elements on the façade

”Balcony” project
KOH-I-NOOR – Montpellier, France

  • Geometric architecture in endless color facets – called „The Diamond“.
  • With its wonderful reflections, the dichroic glass NARIMA® represents a different and unique atmosphere every single hour of the day.
  • The impressive impact of the NARIMA® glass is amplified through the terrace layering on the south and west facades.
KOH-I-NOOR, Montpellier, France: With its wonderful reflections, the dichroic glass NARIMA represents a different and unique atmosphere at every single hour of the day.

3. Glass fins – aesthetic design elements

lass fins made out of NARIMA® as an effective design element

”Fins” project
Grand Canal Square – Dublin, Ireland

  • Transparent structure for a fully glass façade
  • NARIMA® glass fins exceeding 3 m in length for a contrasting look
  • Applied as highly stable, triple glass laminates

4. Decorative + effective sunshades

Sunblock elements made of NARIMA® – decorative and effective sun protection

”Sunshade” project
Rouen Métropole – Rouen, France

  • Style and function combined
  • NARIMA® sunshades give protection and an unusual façade style
  • Interplay of different colour variants
  • NARIMA® as weather and UV resistant coated glass


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