Clear view in the Car Parks thanks to SCHOTT AMIRAN® for façades

Abu Dhabi Financial Center Car Parks



The architects for the Financial Center in Abu Dhabi desired a clear view through not only the office building but also the adjoining car parks.
The outfitting of the office complex with anti-reflective glass was intended to maintain consistency of the design and the optical impression of the entire façade.

To achieve this, high demands were placed on reflection and transmission. AMIRAN® insulating glass,  consisting of thermally toughened safety glass and laminated safety glass, was the chosen solution and forms the exceptional façade of the car parks.

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SCHOTT AMIRAN® is a one or both side anti-reflective coated glass for a clear view inside and out, both day and night. Its non-sensitive, high-tech coating reduces reflections to less than 1% and allows up to 98% of the light to pass through uninhibited.

AMIRAN® provides clear viewing even under extreme brightness differences both in front of and behind the pane.