CONTURAN® Tough AS: The superior choice


At a Glance

150 % higher impact resistance compared to chemically toughened standard float glass – CONTURAN® Tough AS

CONTURAN® Tough AS: The superior choice
SCHOTT has expanded its well-known CONTURAN® product range of advanced anti-reflective cover glasses with a new aluminosilicate base substrate. It offers superior mechanical stability in a thin and light weight glass thickness. CONTURAN® Tough AS provides over 150 % higher break and impact resistance as a comparable standard soda-lime float glass. Furthermore it offers the highest levels of flexural strength and scratch resistance.

The proven high-quality anti-reflective coating provides an optimal view of contents even under difficult lighting conditions. This coating is highly resistant to both abrasion and chemicals and therefore extends the service life of CONTURAN® Tough AS making it resilient and easy to clean.


  • More than 150 % stronger than comparable float glass
  • Reduction of reflection by more than 90 % to below 1 %
  • Proven mechanical and chemical resistant anti-reflective coating
  • Reduced risk of breakage, increased safety
  • Weight reduction by using thinner substrate with same impact resistance
  • Compatible with high resolution touch displays
  • Various processing options for individual customization are available

Area of Applications

  • Medical displays
  • HMI industry displays
  • Ruggedized displays
  • Outdoor displays
  • Touch-screen displays
  • 4K / 8K displays
CONTURAN® Tough AS: The superior choice
CONTURAN® Tough AS: The superior choice
CONTURAN® Tough AS: The superior choice
CONTURAN® Tough AS: The superior choice

Technical Information

CONTURAN® Tough AS is based on durable aluminosilicate glass with a unique anti-reflective coating, optimized for chemical tempering, offering outstanding optical performance and high durability.
It is available as chemically toughened, customized cover glass with several processing options available, e.g. screenprinting, easy-to-clean/anti-finger print coating, laminating etc.
Specifications CONTURAN® Tough AS
Max. standard dimensions 400 mm x 710 mm
(larger sizes on request)
Thickness 1.1 mm, 2.1 mm
Compressive stress (CS) > 550 MPa
Depth of layer (DoL) > 15 μm
Visible light transmission > 98 %
Visible light reflection < 1 %
Mechanical impact resistance IK08 (5J) based on EN 62262*
Coating scratch resistance 9H (achieved in pencil
hardness test)

* 2.1 mm glass tested with a free falling steel ball (1063 g) from a height of 50 cm 


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