BMW World, Munich



Not only do cars become classics, but also buildings. This statement is equally true for models from bmw and buildings from the architectural firm Coop Himmelb(l)au. The prerequisites for bonding the creativity from both sides to form a strong spatial design could hardly be better. By relying on superb graphic design ideas, the concepts of speed, dynamism and the art of engineering were successfully realized in construction terms for bmw. The glass »BMW Welt« expresses flowing and driving. The high swung, wavy roof resides on more than merely eleven pendulum supports. The main beams are the two cones that were placed on top. Impressively placed at the crossing, the futuristic looking mushroom-shaped corner post manifests the architectural-communicative starting point of the symbol that features no obvious right angles. Designed for cultural events, the double cone figure consists of rustproof high-grade steel tapes and high-grade steel tins.


Coop Himmelb(l)au

Josef Gartner GmbH & Co.


A total of 900 different glass elements had to be manufactured for the double cone unit alone. They consist of triangular fields with a side length of five and a half meters. With the slightly tilted curtain facade of the main building, eight millimeter panes were used in the lower section that is tilted inwards by ten percent. In line with the lower section, the upper section that is tilted outwardly by ten degrees consists of lsg panes. A heating and cooling system in the form of water-bearing steel profiles was integrated into the facade. This prevents cold air losses through the glass walls in the winter, as well as overheating in the summer and the formation of condensation.

Glass from SCHOTT was used for the lounge on the fourth floor. To prevent fire flashover, internal fire protective glazing was installed here using the PYRAN® fire-rated glazing system. The monolithic thermally tempered borosilicate glass from SCHOTT not only provides an effective barrier against fire and smoke, but also remains transparent, even under severe stress.