Château de l’Aile Vevey
(Built 1840–1846)

Between 1840 and 1846, at the Grande Place in Vevey, the Château de l’Aile Vevey VD became one of the main neo-Gothic structures in the Canton of Vaud as well as a precursor building for Switzerland as a whole.
SCHOTT RESTOVER® in the Château de l’Aile Vevey - Switzerland, window view
The windows have a rounded “Wolfsrachen” closure design and were faithfully reproduced using SCHOTT RESTOVER® restoration glass. Thin panes of insulating
glass provide the necessary heat insulation. A final detail in recreating the windows was replicating the espagnolette window locking devices. The front windows in the Château de l’Aile Vevey were reconstructed using thin SCHOTT RESTOVER® glass. The interior windows were also renovated using the original fittings.
SCHOTT RESTOVER® in the Château de l’Aile Vevey - Switzerland window view from inside