Bavarian State Opera, Munich - Germany



Following its destruction during the World War II, Marstallplatz located in the center of Munich was left vacant for decades. However, now that the area has been redesigned and a new building has been built, this has resulted in a lively center located near the Old City. The cultural plaza on Maximilianstrasse located close to the Bavarian State Opera, the Bavarian State Playhouse and Residence integrates three separate buildings into a harmonious ensemble that allows for old and new to gently merge together. The project developed by the renowned architectural firm Gewers Kühn + Kühn from Berlin consists of a cube made of glass at “Maximilianhof” with its historical portico at the center, the “Bürklein Building” with its grandly reconstructed façade and the rehearsal building for the Bavarian State Opera.


Laminated safety glass, consisting of a 12 mm thick pane of float glass on the outside executed as toughened safety glass, a 1.52 mm thick PVB film and NARIMA® in a thickness of 4 mm were selected to be the glass construction for the middle section of the façade. Here, several panes of NARIMA® were laminated together edge to edge with a larger pane of float glass as a base glass pane.

Götz Metallbau installed the panes on site in three rows on top of each other that contain 17 elements each.

300 m² of outside surface created by the color effect glass NARIMA®, as well as 175 m² of mirror surface

Laminated safety glass, consisting of a 12 mm thick outer float glass pane as toughened safety glass and a 1.52 mm thick PVB foil and NARIMA® in 4 mm thickness

3,800 mm x 1,900 mm


Gewers Kühn + Kühn, Berlin

Project Development
DBKM Dreyer Brettel & Kollegen Management GmbH,München

Planning of the Structural Framework
Hartwich/Mertens/Ingenieure, Berlin

Building Automation
HL-Technik AG, München

Façade Planning
Albrecht Memmert & Partner GbR, Neuss

Façade Execution
Götz Metallbau, Kirchberg/Murr

Planning of the Lighting
Construction Olafur Eliasson,
Employee: Sebastian Behmann