SCHOTT MIROGARD® Protect Ultra - Protection for artworks "as light as a feather"


At a Glance

With our new MIROGARD® Protect Ultra laminated glass, SCHOTT introduced an innovative solution for picture glazing. The unique features include its extremely light weight and the minimum thickness of the glass. This makes switching over to MIROGARD® Protect Ultra from conventional picture glazing extremely quick and easy.
Furthermore, it absorbs 99.9% of UV radiation and offers extremely good protection against splinters. Of course, it also comes with the high-quality anti-reflective coating that the MIROGARD® family of products is known for.

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  • anti-reflective coating
  • splinter protection
  • outstanding UV protection: 99.9%
  • low specific weight due to glass thickness 2.95 mm (± 0.2 mm)
  • high mechanical stability
  • best possible color rendering index of Ra = 100
  • registered utility model: DE 20 2015 003 439.9


SCHOTT MIROGARD® Protect Ultra is unique due to ...
... Protection ...
  • MIROGARD® Protect Ultra as laminated glass protects high-quality paintings, graphics and prints extremely well against the destructive effects of UV radiation
  • 99.9% of the damaging UV radiation in the 300 to 380 nm wavelength is absorbed and reflected
  • offers the best possible splinter protection

...Transparency ...
  • anti-reflective to the highest extent possible
  • up to less than 1% residual reflection in the visible spectrum (conventional float glass reflects approximately 8%)
  • highly transparent
  • up to 99% light transmission
... Comfort ...
  • Due to the composite film, MIROGARD® Protect Ultra remains extremely mechanically stable
  • light in weight - one m² weighs only 6.5 kg
  • can easily be used in existing standard picture framing solutions

... Quality ...
  • color rendering index up to Ra= 100
  • easy-to-clean

... Durability ...
  • highly resistant to abrasion
  • extremely stable
  • all product benefits have been tested and passed the following tests (see details in section "Technical Information")

Area of Applications

Art glazing for
  • museums
  • collections
  • galleries
  • for ensured loans to exhibitions
  • traveling exhibitions

Technical Information

UV protection made to order
Extremely sensitive artworks can be displayed with MIROGARD® Protect Ultra, giving them added protection that absorbs or reflects up to 100 % of UV radiation.

Coating durability
SCHOTT invests a great deal of effort to ensure that art lovers the world over are not distracted by the glazing. MIROGARD® Anti-Reflective Glass is dip-coated using the sol-gel process. The coating production process takes place under clean room conditions. Multiple titanium dioxide and silicon dioxide layers are applied one after another with nanometer accuracy and then burned in. The result is a high-tech, anti-reflective art glass of the highest quality with a surface that is extremely stable, easy to clean and highly resistant to abrasion.

All products have been tested and passed the following tests:
  • copper chloride acetic acid spray test
  • sliding abrasion with Taber Abraser process
  • adhesive tape test
  • alcohol rubbing test
  • stylus test
SCHOTT MIROGARD® Protect Ultra - Range of UV protection
MIROGARD® Protect Ultra absorbs almost 100% of harmful UV light. Nevertheless, it still transmits nearly 100% of the visible light, with no annoying reflections and with the acknowledged excellent Ra = 100 color rendering index of SCHOTT MIROGARD®.
Specification MIROGARD® Protect Ultra:
Glass thickness 2.95 mm (± 0.2 mm)
Available sizes up to 1,770 x 1,220 mm
Luminous reflectance  < 1%
Light transmission 98%
Color rendering index Ra = 100
UV protection (300-380 nm) 99.9%
Mechanical protection splinter protection

  Ordinary Glass (Float Glass) MIROGARD® MIROGARD® plus MIROGARD® protect MIROGARD® Protect Ultra MIROGARD® DARO
Reflectance ρvA % ~ 8% ~ 0.9% ~ 1.1% ~ 0.9% ~ 0.9% < 1%
Transmittance τvA % ~ 91% ~ 99% ~ 98% ~ 98% ~ 98% ~ 98%
Perceived color
98 100 98 99 100 100
Mechanical protection effect low low low medium to
medium to
low to
Splinter protection possible
Reduced visibility of fingerprints
UV Protection
(300 nm – 380 nm)
~ 44% ~ 48% ~ 82% ~ 99% ~ 99% min 48%
max 99% *
Glass thickness 2 mm - 8 mm 2 mm 2 mm 4.4 mm 2.95 mm min 2.0 mm
3 mm 3 mm 6.4 mm
4 mm 4 mm 8.4 mm
Available sizes in mm x mm   1,000 x 1,600 1,000 x 1,600      
1,220 x 1,770 1,220 x 1,770 1,220 x 1,770 1,220 x 1,770  
1,220 x 885 1,220 x 885 1,220 x 885 1,220 x 885 1,220 x 885
3,180 x 1,770 3,180 x 1,770 3,180 x 1,770    

* UV protection value depends on MIROGARD® version that is coated with DARO.


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