SCHOTT CONTURAN® - anti-reflective glass for displays


At a Glance

CONTURAN® is used whenever protection of precious displays in combination with minimized undesirable reflection is needed.

CONTURAN® is an anti-reflective glass with an optical interference coating on either one or both sides. As a result, this coating design prevents optical reflections from sunlight or artificial light being caused by the glass surface.

CONTURAN® can be used for different applications, including indicator board covers, railroad destination indicators, anti-reflective filters for technical displays, and many more. It can basically be put to use anywhere irritating reflections occur.
SCHOTT CONTURAN® used as cover glass for a display
SCHOTT CONTURAN® anti-reflective glass is ideally suited as protective cover glass for displays
  • reduction of irritating reflections
  • high transmission and increased contrast
  • high abrasion resistance and chemical stability extends its lifetime, makes it hardly vulnerable and easy to clean
  • appears to be invisible and neutral in color, yet enables perfect viewing
  • available in any customized shape, form or set-up

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SCHOTT CONTURAN® - anti-reflective glass for displays is unique due to ...
... Transparency ...
  • high transmission characteristics
  • less than 0.5% on each surface
  • increased contrast
  • good view of dimly lit items

... Durability...
  • high abrasion resistance extends the lifetime of the respective object
  • high chemical stability means that CONTURAN® is hardly vulnerable and easy to clean ► ideal characteristics for use as protection cover
... Quality ...
  • appears to be invisible and neutral in color, yet enables perfect viewing
  • wide-ranging portfolio for specific applications and processing requirements
  • optimized coating design for thermal tempering and chemical toughening

... Processing ...
  • available in any customized shape, form or set-up
  • can be adapted to meet customer needs by applying UV or IR protection
  • only anti-reflective coating that can be chemically toughened for optimized process chain

Area of Applications

Information displays
  • customized cover glasses for digital signage, transportation and outdoor displays with various dimensions and customized screen printing and optional anti-fingerprint coating (DARO)
Industrial control
  • touch applications, e.g. machine control
  • ruggedized displays
Medical & Biotech
  •  cover glass for displays, e.g. in medical technology
Household applications
  • e.g. cover glass for washing and drying
SCHOTT CONTURAN® used for outdoor displays
SCHOTT CONTURAN® used for outdoor displays
Machine control display
Destination display at a train station

Technical Information

These anti-reflective characteristics are made possible by the sol-gel dipping process developed by SCHOTT. The glass is dipped in different metal oxide solutions.

Once dipped, the metal oxide coating layers are burned in at 450° C to 500° C. The oxidic layers produce interference that actually helps prevent annoying reflections. These layers are actually much purer and especially mechanically and chemically more stable than those processed with conventional PVD techniques (such as vapor deposition or sputtering, for example).
Pristine view of any display
  • every glass surface of uncoated glass reflects about 4% of light (8% overall both sides)
  • CONTURAN® is covered on one or both sides of the float glass with multiple layers of metal oxides
  • anti-reflective layers can reduce reflection by 90%.
CONTURAN® has less than 0.5% reflection on each surface and guarentees an unrestricted view due to high light transmission.

SCHOTT CONTURAN® compared to standard float glass
Glass substrate types
  • float glass
  • low-iron, extra-clear glass
  • grey glass

Float glass Standard Magic   Float glass Standard Magic
Luminous transmittance
TVA in % (absolute)
91 98 99 luminous reflectance pvA in % (absolute) 8 approx. 0.9 approx. 0.9
Absolute increase in transmittance by   ~ 7% ~ 7% Relative reduction in reflectance by   ~ 90% ~ 90%

CONTURAN® is available as:
Supply forms CONTURAN® stock sizes CONTURAN® cut-to-size
Thickness Monolithic glass:
1.1 mm (single side coating only)
1.6 mm, 2.00 mm, 3.00 mm, 4.00 mm, 5.00 mm, 6.00 mm, 8.00 mm, 10.00 mm
Dimensions 1,770 mm x 1,220 mm
1,770 mm x 3,180 mm

upon request
Different types
• CONTURAN® Standard

• CONTURAN® Protect Standard
• CONTURAN® Protect Magic
• CONTURAN® Protect Grey

Oleophobic coating on CONTURAN®:
Others Coating:
• bluish/greenish coating
• weather-resistant coating (greenish/bluish)
• temperable coatings

Chemical toughening:
• CONTURAN® can be chemically toughened after dip-coating
• processed glasses can be chemically hardened as regular uncoated glass
• thickness 1.1 – 3.0 mm
• increase of bending strength, especially for thin glasses
Processing methods • Cutting
• Edge treatment
• Drilling
• Screen printing
• Tempering
• Laminating


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