PYRAN® Fusion

The smart fusion of specialty glass with heat radiation control


At a glance

In order to meet the high requirements for modern fire protection glazing, PYRAN® Fusion combines the excellent glass properties of SCHOTT specialty float glasses with a gel layer that foams up in the event of fire. The specialty glass used ensures long fire resistance periods and makes PYRAN® Fusion a premium product on the market for fire protection glazing.
PYRAN® Fusion - custom-designed to satisfy the latest fire glazing requirements is tested in accordance with EN standard EN 1364 and fulfils the function of integrity, thermal insulation and radiation in accordance with clause 5 of the standard EN 13501-2. 
These glasses are interlayered and rated for 180 minutes integrity (E 180), 120 minutes radiation control (EW 120) and 20 minutes insulation (EI 20). The bespoke construction of PYRAN® Fusion, incorporating the most advanced technology and glass type leads to thinner and lighter glasses.

Areas of application

SCHOTT Technical Glass Solutions in cooperation with system partners develop designs with PYRAN® Fusion that are ideally suited and approved for doors and partitions. The insulation property in the initial phase of fire ensures safe evacuation of people. For fires of longer duration, the reduction of heat radiation cuts down the temperature and prevents the self-ignition of materials in the protected room or corridor. Finally, long-term integrity performance protects the structure of the building, safely allowing firefighters to extinguish the fire.


Whether fitted in timber or steel structures, SCHOTT Technical Glass Solutions in cooperation with system partners develop doors with PYRAN® Fusion which are excellently suited and approved.


Transparent fire rated partitions allows daylight to flow freely from room to room, but in the event of a fire, they ensure protection to essential escape routes. Landings to staircases are protected attractively yet effectively. The use of PYRAN® Fusion in skylights elegantly combines functionality with aesthetics to allow natural lighting in interiors.

Key benefits

  • High transperancy
  • UV-stable
  • Less in weight
  • Multifunctional
  • 120 minute comprehensive fire-protection
  • Satisfies the highest criteria of impact safety

Technical data

Thickness 11mm

Glazing type

ultra clear, heat treated, interlayered and non-wired

E (Integrity)*

180 minutes

EW (Radiation control)*

120 minutes

EI (Insulation)*

20 minutes

≥ 23 Kg/m2

Light transmission



5.2 W/m2K

Sound insulation

37 dB

Impact rating**

*Longer fire resistant times and other dimensions because of lokal tests in different regions possible.
**According to EN12600
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