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With our unique expertise in the material glass, it’s processing and coating, we can transform glass into almost any shape and function. Therefore we enable high quality display applications for the electronics industry. Made in Germany.

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SCHOTT CONTURAN® - anti-reflective glass for displays

CONTURAN® is used whenever protection of precious displays in combination with minimized undesirable reflection is needed.

It is an anti-reflective glass with an optical interference coating on either one or both sides. As a result, this coating design prevents optical reflections from sunlight or artificial light being caused by the glass surface.

CONTURAN® can be used for different applications, including indicator board covers, railroad destination indicators, anti-reflective filters for technical displays, and many more. It can basically be put to use anywhere irritating reflections occur.
  • reduction of irritating reflections
  • high transmission and increased contrast
  • high abrasion resistance and chemical stabiliy extends the lifetime and is hardly vulnerable and easy to clean
  • apears to be invisible and neutral in color, yet enables perfect viewing
  • available in any customized shape, form or set-up
Areas of applications

Information displays
  • customized cover glasses for digital isgnage, transportation and outdoor displays with various dimensions and customized screen printing and optional anti-fingerprint coating (DARO)
Industrial control
  • touch applications, e.g. machine control
  • ruggedized displays
Medical & Biotech
  • cover glass for displays, e.g. in medical technology
Household applications
  • e.g. cover glass for washing and drying
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CONTURAN® DARO is perfect for high-value touch applications using glass top surfaces.

SCHOTT offers a coating that combines durable anti-reflective and oleophobic characteristics - a breakthrough for any touch application.

Anti-reflective coatings significantly enhance the contrast of today’s high-resolution displays, however, they still struggle with the issue of fingerprint visibility on the surface of anti-reflective glasses when used in touch applications. Thus, the market demands a super-tough, super-durable coating that reduces fingerprints together with an anti-reflective coating for quite some time, which is being offered on SCHOTT’s proven material CONTURAN® in the form of CONTURAN® DARO.
  • easy-to-clean with a dry soft cloth
  • repellent to fingerprints and water
  • long-term durability in resisting chemical and mechanical wear
  • anti-reflective coating with luminous reflectance < 1%
  • smooth surface minimizes abrasion and friction
  • great haptics for a gliding feel
  • water contact angle > 110°
Areas of applications
  • touch-screen displays
  • ruggedized displays
  • command and control displays
  • medical displays
  • GPS displays (e. g. automotive)
  • kiosks / public displays
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MIRONA® - the switch from glass to mirror

When the space behind the glass is dark, SCHOTT MIRONA® glass is an elegant mirror. Light transforms it into a transparent window – a surprising phenomenon that enables sophisticated staging of spaces and objects. It's an amazing effect, and unlike switchable glass products, this effect results solely by the coatings of MIRONA® glass. The brightness behind the glass determines if MIRONA® is a mirror or a transparent window.
  • SCHOTT MIRONA® is unique due to its combination of specific reflection and transmission
  • transparent glass and mirror
  • typical applications are display covers, furniture installations, information pods
  • five different variations available
    • MIRONA® Standard
    • MIRONA® Beamsplitter
    • MIRONA® High Reflective
    • MIRONA® High Reflective Grey
    • MIRONA® High Reflective One Side Coated
Areas of applications
  • aesthetic options for interior design
  • silver mirror with advanced functionality
  • hidden TV in exclusive and premium environments with MIRONA® (Standard)
  • MIRONA® Beamsplitter with reflective and anti-reflective coating as excellent product for teleprompter (no disturbing double images)
  • MIRONA® High Reflective for maximum reflection (55%)
  • MIRONA® High Reflective Grey with reduced transmission and optimized “disappearing effect“
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