Innovation Roundtable in China about the ELT

On July 11, SCHOTT hosted an Innovation Roundtable for Chinese media in Beijing. The event focused on the ELT and SCHOTT’s contribution to this project. Furthermore, the participants learned how specialty glass and glass-ceramic can attribute to ambitious Chinese projects in the area of astronomy & space. In a presentation, individual discussions with SCHOTT experts and a small exhibition, participants learned more about ZERODUR® glass-ceramic and special-purpose glasses, which are installed in renowned telescopes, space probes and space vehicles.
Innovation Roundtable in China about the ELT - 2017
Dr. Frank Heinricht talks to editors of 21st Century Business Herald (left) and China Daily (right).
In the beginning, Dr. Frank Heinricht gave an introduction about the company’s history and tradition and SCHOTT’s broad product portfolio. Many of these products are also very successful in China, said the Chairman of the Board of Management of SCHOTT. He also made clear that SCHOTT would continue to invest in China in the future. One example for this is the new SCHOTT Xinkang plant for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical packaging, which will be inaugurated later this year.

Subsequently, Albert Chen, Managing Director of SCHOTT in China, and Dr. Ralf Jedamzik, Principal Scientist at SCHOTT Advanced Optics, spoke about China’s tradition and upcoming projects in the field of astronomy and space. The speakers outlined that ambitious projects always require tried and proven materials – for this reason, ZERODUR® is considered the standard substrate for segmented mirror telescopes such as the ELT.

Since innovation is a part of SCHOTT’s DNA, the presentation concluded with a visionary outlook: the U.S. space agency NASA plans to shoot a telescope into space by 2035 – the Advanced Technology Large-Aperture Space Telescope, or ATLAST. This will require light-weight mirror substrates, since in space travel every gram saved counts. ZERODUR® is currently being evaluated as one potential material of choice.

There are many possibilities and approaches to finding new life or a second earth. It is very likely that SCHOTT’s technology will have an impact on success.
Innovation Roundtable in China about the ELT - 2017
Innovation Roundtable in China about the ELT - 2017