SCHOTT Specialty Thin Glass for
3D Imaging and Sensing

3D Imaging and Sensing
Visualization and perception are requirements of smart products in the near future. 3D imaging and sensing provide the technologies for replicating human vision via recording depth information, which will enable the digitizing and intelligentializing of future products. Glass as an important solution plays an irreplaceable role in 3D imaging and sensing products.

SCHOTT has a long and rich history of providing glasses used in photographic imaging and sensing. To promote the broader applications of 3D imaging and sensing, SCHOTT has creatively introduced specialty thin glass varieties with excellent performance for applications and components in 3D imaging and sensing. These thin glasses are based on SCHOTT's unique down-draw glass production technology.

SCHOTT specialty thin glass may be employed for Time of Flight (ToF), Structured Light, Stereo Vision, and Dual-camera applications. We capitalize on the unique properties of specialty glasses to aid in the realization of 3D imaging and sensing in the areas of facial recognition, mobile payment, animation, 3D modelling, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR).

SCHOTT offers a variety of specialty thin glasses that feature different characteristics, thus providing flexibility in the design and manufacture of the sensor and illumination in 3D imaging and sensing. Due to their excellent geometrical properties, optical characteristics and superior surface quality, several of SCHOTT’s thin glasses are employed in various 3D imaging and sensing applications and components.

SCHOTT glass is well suited for use in CMOS covers, IR-cut filters, wafer level packaging, wafer level optics (WLO), diffractive optics elements (DOE) and narrow band filters.  It meets demanding standard imaging and sensing requirements and enables various solutions for 3D imaging and sensing components.