SCHOTT® Solar Glass 0787

As one of the harshest environments known to man, space demands materials and equipment that can perform under the most demanding conditions. An ECSS space-qualified material, SCHOTT® Solar Glass 0787 has been uniquely designed for these conditions, helping spacecraft to push the limits of human knowledge.
Reliable protection against harmful radiation

A cerium-doped material composition enables SCHOTT® Solar Glass 0787 to block harmful UV radiation that threaten spacecraft and the technology they rely upon. While blocking UV light, SCHOTT® Solar Glass 0787 still achieves a high transmittance in the visible spectrum of light up to near-infrared, without loss of transmittance from the effects of solarization.
SCHOTT® Solar Glass 0787 is available in a range of thicknesses, sizes and coatings
Flexible design to suit your mission

SCHOTT’s decades of experience and expertise in glass manufacturing allows SCHOTT® Solar Glass 0787 to be produced in several different thicknesses directly drawn from the melting tank. This includes ultra-thin and flexible glass, cut into large sheets or custom sizes. Design opportunities are further enhanced with the availability of different coatings.
Stable, protective and long-lasting

SCHOTT® Solar Glass 0787 offers a range of technical advantages when used for space applications such as photovoltaic systems and optical solar reflectors. Transmittance across the spectrum from UV-A to near-infrared is excellent, while low wavelength UV and particle radiation are effectively blocked. Low solarization also ensures reliable performance during the lifetime of a mission, while a fire-polished surface and outstanding geometrical homogeneity add to its effectiveness.