NIR Cutoff Filters / Blue Filter Glass


A product family with two groups that have extraordinary properties

Used in numerous applications, NIR cutoff filters can be found just about everywhere we look in our modern lives. They are equipped to image sensors so that natural colors are produced, and they make digital cameras respond to light as our eyes do. Special NIR cutoff filters are required for the displays and operation controls (NVIS compatible equipment) of night vision systems, which are becoming more commonly used by police and rescue forces.

Depending on the main application, our optical filter glass types are grouped into two groups:
  • the humidity resistant glasses and
  • the glasses with high steepness of the NIR cutoff

 1. Group - High humidity resistance 

BG60 - BG64, BG67
Designed to perform in difficult environments

 2. Group - High steepness of NIR cutoff 

BG18, BG38 - BG42, BG50, BG55, S8022, S8023, S8612
Designed for high-precision optical applications
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