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Reliable drone labeling – with ultra-thin glass
Roboterwerk now offers a reliable solution for labeling drones that can withstand fires and explosions of lithium-ion batteries in emergencies. The material the solution relies on is ultra-thin glass from SCHOTT. Glass offers many advantages over metals: it is only affected in the event of a fire at temperatures above 600° Celsius, is extremely light and has no influence on sensors and attitude systems. More
Maximizing the field of view: SCHOTT RealView™ high-index glass wafers bring augmented reality to life
SCHOTT unveils SCHOTT RealView™, a breakthrough in high-index glass wafers that allows more immersive augmented reality (AR) applications. These new wafers are made from optical glass with a high refractive index, enabling a wider field of view (FOV) in AR devices. The geometrical precision of the wafer surface is controlled to unprecedented accuracy, creating superior picture quality with the best contrast and highest definition, enhancing the user experience. SCHOTT is positioned as a global leader in AR materials with its unique fully integrated manufacturing capabilities, its 133 years of leadership in the mass production of optical glass, and its capabilities in high-index wafer and tailored optical coatings. Experts from SCHOTT’s Advanced Optics Team will be available to discuss AR glass in booth 1045 at Display Week 2018 in Los Angeles, California from May 22 to May 24. More
Precision material with practically zero expansion - ZERODUR® has been SCHOTT’s material answer for demanding high-tech applications for five decades.
For 50 years, the name has said it all: ZERODUR®. Half a century ago, materials specialists from SCHOTT using ingenious process technology developed this special glass-ceramic with a coefficient of expansion of nearly zero. This makes the material ideal for applications requiring the highest precision – such as in astronomy, IC lithography, the semiconductor industry, metrology and flat panel display production. One recent highlight is the order from the European Southern Observatory (ESO) for the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) project, for which SCHOTT will supply ZERODUR® segments for the primary mirror consisting of 798 hexagons in addition to several monolithic mirrors. SCHOTT is currently investing a mid-double digit million-euro amount in its glass-ceramic competence center in Mainz. With new melting capacities and post-processing options for a wide range of technical applications, the company is ideally positioned for the future. More
Opto-ceramic converters receive innovation award
Brighter than the sun: Opto-ceramic converters from SCHOTT are accelerating the adoption of laser phosphor-based digital projectors by enabling high luminance light sources. The technology group now honored the material and the respective development team from Mainz (Germany) and Penang (Malaysia) with the SCHOTT Innovation Award 2018. More
Driving optical excellence: SCHOTT announces Joint Venture with Zhejiang Crystal-Optech and T.Best
SCHOTT is strengthening its footprint in Asia with further investments. The new joint venture company – Zhejiang Crystal-SCHOTT Optical Technology Co., Ltd. – connects SCHOTT’s leadership in optical materials and thin glass with the outstanding processing and coating expertise of its Chinese partner Crystal-Optech and T.Best. More
Clear view of information boards and displays
For the first time an exhibitor at “IT Trans”, SCHOTT offers a variety of sophisticated solutions for technical glazing for transport and traffic

Technical glazing performs important functions in transport and traffic, for example as nearly invisible, low-reflection cover glass for display boards at train stations or for public information boards, even with touchscreen surfaces. The technology group SCHOTT will be showcasing its wide range of non-glare CONTURAN® glass and other anti-glare glasses along with comprehensive expertise in the processing, refinement and application of its applications at the IT Trans trade fair in Karlsruhe from March 6 to 8, 2018 (Stand B15).
SCHOTT introduces FLEXINITY™: Structured Glass Breakthrough to Enable Smaller Electronics
SCHOTT is introducing a new, innovative portfolio of structured glass substrates that offers highly accurate and versatile features: FLEXINITY™. Structured thin or ultra-thin glass wafers are used as a substrate for sensors, batteries, and diagnostic technology. The breakthrough will enable new applications and further miniaturization of electronics through thinner glass wafers and structures that are more precise. The technology offers the lowest structuring radius of just 150 micrometers (μm) and a feature size tolerance lower than ± 25 μm. More
Brighter than the sun: Ceramic laser phosphor converters revolutionize digital projection
New ceramic laser phosphor converters from SCHOTT are accelerating the adoption of laser phosphor-based digital projectors by enabling high luminance light sources. SCHOTT now introduces two ceramic phosphor converters that support the development of brighter digital projection at Photonics West 2018 (hall B, booth 1207). More
SCHOTT begins manufacturing primary mirrors for ELT
The SCHOTT melting team has started casting the first mirror segments that will make up the 39-meter primary mirror (M-1) of the European Large Telescope (ELT). To make the segments, liquid glass heated to over 1400 degrees Celsius will be poured directly into molds, and transferred into a cooling furnace and subjected to a ceramicization process lasting several weeks. The result is ZERODUR® glass-ceramic, a material with a thermal expansion of near zero that makes it especially suited to astronomy applications. The SCHOTT production facility in Mainz is expected to complete delivery of the segments by 2024. More
SCHOTT to exhibit bendable ultra-thin glass at C-Touch in Shenzhen
The flexible and yet strong ultra-thin SCHOTT AS 87 eco glass has the ability to bring smartphones and wearable devices to the next level. Visitors are invited to discover the innovation at C-Touch Shenzhen at booth 1C19 in hall 1. More
For the ‘Sunny Side’ of Displays
The latest laminated, anti-reflective cover glass from SCHOTT – CONTURAN® IR Protect – deflects infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) radiation with a high degree of success. Its properties allow the glass to reliably protect sensitive electronic and digital signage displays or digital banner boards from the challenges brought on by outside use. More
SCHOTT presents new phosphate laser glass for high-power lasers at LASER World of Photonics in Munich
APG-760 phosphate laser glass is made for high-performance applications at 1.05 μm. The glass is available in various versions and can be flexibly adapted to the needs and requirements of applications. Dielectric coatings are also possible. More
0.1 mm for maximum safety: Ultra-thin smartphone protective glass from SCHOTT now available in retail
The mobile phone accessory brand BLACK ROCK is now offering the ultra-thin glass SCHOTT AS 87 eco as screen protector glass for a number of smartphone models. The product can be found at major electronics retailers such as Media Markt and Saturn. More
Elegance and ruggedness perfectly matched: SCHOTT sapphire crystal for luxury watches sets new standards for hardness and color fidelity
A handcrafted luxury item such as an exquisite Swiss watch deserves the best protection to keep discriminating consumers eternally content. More
Window to distant galaxies: SCHOTT wins major contract to produce mirror substrates for the world’s largest telescope
The gigantic 39-meter primary mirror for the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) will soon be made up of 798 ZERODUR® glass-ceramic components. SCHOTT is set to deliver a total of 949 mirror substrates, including spares, made of ZERODUR® to the European Southern Observatory (ESO). Thanks to the headquarters’ investment of more than ten million Euros, the company is well prepared to respond to the increased demand. More
KONFEKT – Experience ultra-thin glass on roll for flexible electronics at LOPEC
With support from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), technology development partners Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP, SCHOTT AG, VON ARDENNE GmbH and tesa SE have been developing new applications for ultra-thin glass on roll since 2013 in the research consortium KONFEKT (funding project 13N13818). More
The miraculous material of glass: innovation driver for tomorrow’s smartphones and sensors
The international technology group SCHOTT showed what great influence glass can have on the future of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets at an innovation event held in the “Chinese Silicon Valley” Shenzhen. Not only obvious components such as display screen protection glass are paving the way for the device designs of tomorrow, however – specialty glasses from SCHOTT are also positioned to revolutionize sensors, chips and antenna designs due to their physical compatibility with silicon. More
Glass-ceramic production is fit for the future
With a state-of-the-art melting tank for ZERODUR® glass-ceramic production, SCHOTT is now increasing its production capacities in Mainz to ensure customers reliable delivery More
SCHOTT to demo new laser, IR glass at Photonics West 2017
International technology group’s specialists and developers to detail new optical materials, research in technical presentations and an optical designer workshop More
Unexplored depths: the world’s largest telescope will peer out into space with technology from Mainz
SCHOTT has been awarded a contract for the production of mirror substrates for the secondary (M2) and tertiary mirrors (M3) of the European Extremely Large Telescope. M2 will be the largest convex mirror ever produced. A second melting tank will soon go into operation to meet the sustained high demand for ZERODUR® glass-ceramic. More
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