Selected Publications

Published in
[4] 2016 The legacy of filter design and how that has extended into current choices for advanced astronomical filters T. Hul, S. Reichel, U. Brauneck, V. Naulin, and A. Marin-Franch Proc. SPIE 9912
[3] 2014 Additional narrow bandpass steep edge optical filters for the JAST/T80 telescope instrumentation S. Reichel, U. Brauneck, S. Bourquin, and A. Marín-Franch Proc. SPIE 9151
[2] 2014 Precise dispersion equations of absorbing filter glasses S. Reichel and R. Biertümpfel Proc. SPIE 9138
[1] 2006 The technical challenge of large ELT filters T. Doehring, K.-D. Loosen, and
P. Hartmann
Proc. SPIE 6273