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Surveillance cameras - Reliably reliable thanks to SCHOTT Advanced Optics

Reliably secure

We meet with many trials. Minor, major, impossible or hidden. To meet danger head on, you need to keep your eyes open. In a world more in motion than ever before, security is an enormous challenge. But finding solutions is always easiest when you’re perfectly prepared. Good for you if you have helpers. Even better for you if they’re reliable.

You might need them to be your eyes when perfect night vision is required. They can tell the difference – and make it, too. Thanks to extremely good image quality even under difficult conditions.

Optical filter lenses by SCHOTT rule out interfering reflections. Contrast enhancement filters keep certain wavelengths away from the screen. They get the true colours to show, and display data with greater brilliance.

Infrared filter lenses
additionally protect from harmful radiation, are non-shading and today indispensable in medical diagnosis. They are a third thinner than conventional filter lenses. Another quality feature and the prerequisite for surveillance cameras to catch out even the Invisible Man. The best thing is: they’re reliable.

Fascinating lifesaver technology

Keeping a distance


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