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Medicine step-by-step

The goal is to heal. The next milestone is hope. Or at least quality of life. A good laugh is medicine in itself. But where laughing no longer comes easily, it’s best to turn to science. Pursuing a vision in the medical field requires the preparedness to advance in small steps. Progress in diagnosis, analysis and therapy always needs leaps in technology to change the boundary conditions. Antibody micro-arrays by SCHOTT assist science in the fight against cancer. It took a special coating to pave the way to the ground-breaking fluorescence microscopy capable of identifying biomarkers. Optical filter lenses are also used as substrates for thin-film coatings employed in interference filter production. We have 70 variants available. All of them are reliable helpers in blood testing units, gas chromatographers and waste water and combustion analysers. Along with other thin glasses, the B270® i crown glass with high transmission rate and chemical resistance is available as a glass wafer or substrate. All of them are used to make biochips. Even the longest journey can be made in many small steps.

Glass helps see

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