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SCHOTT Advanced Optics supplies many different products used in industrial equipment

The taming of the lase

Set your jewels to get them seen. Or use them for something else, perhaps? Something less showy, but perhaps more useful? Monocrystals. A single crystal, industrially tamed and a kind of Philosopher’s Stone for innovation. The artificial crystals are a fascinating material for electronics. Without them, a lot of development progress could not have taken place at all. Micro-electronics and computer technology simply can’t get enough of them. Microlithography, for example, needs them to produce and process integrated circuits.

Precision is key, here. Which is also true regarding the active and passive laser lenses by SCHOTT. James Bond should be grateful that the villains never had any cylindrical lenses handy. This type of lens focuses light along an axis. Perfectly suited for things like laser projectors and for 90-degree prisms in lasers. To counter a movie villain, there are optical filters that block laser beams almost entirely and almost irrespectively of angle. Or aspherical lenses, which are highly resistant to laser beams – very useful for 007, or medical facilities.

Clever and smart

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