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Get a sharp look thanks to the optical components from SCHOTT Advanced Optics

With an eye on focus

Sometimes, the world becomes flat. When reality contracts to the screen of your smartphone or tablet or shrinks to what fits into your digital camera’s viewfinder, your standards shift. To get that cult image, quality needs to be top-notch. Just keeping your eyes open? That’s not been enough anymore for a long time now. 

Not only selfie fans have an eye for focus. Seeing it straight requires optical components that can keep up with the device manufacturers’ innovations. 

Smaller, sturdier, more power, more fascination. Aspherical lenses are as keen a contender in the race for the millionfold pixels as image sensors behind cutting edge SCHOTT filter lenses. They not only deflect undesired infrared radiation, they’re also a third thinner than conventional lenses. They make sure white really is white – and turn your world round again. The special lenses also assist medical staff in diagnosis – and concert goers in getting the best concert snapshot. And yeah – even the best of filters can’t make Mick Jagger any sexier.

Beloved multi-talent 

Glass for superheroes


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