SCHOTT in Yverdon, Switzerland


Center of Excellence for Coatings & High-Precision Components

Founded originally as a family-run business in 1968, SCHOTT in Yverdon was acquired by SCHOTT and integrated into "Advanced Optics" in 2000. Since then, it has developed a great deal of expertise and unique skills when it comes to producing optical components.

Today, SCHOTT in Yverdon serves as the Center of Excellence for coatings and high-precision optical components, and it has an excellent command of various coating techniques, e.g.
  • Magnetron sputtering
  • IAD coating
  • Standard vapor deposition with direct and indirect monitoring for various AR coatings, bandpass, and interference filters
  • Hard coatings for use in high-end applications
as well as diverse precision processing and finalization procedures, including cementing and sub-assembling.
Yverdon is also known for its CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) machining for high-precision components for use in microlithography and high-end optics and is one of the largest plane parallel polished installed capacities in Europe in addition to aspherical & cylindrical lens manufacturing capabilities.
High-precision machining capabilities with ceramics and optical materials and sub-assembly of optical materials, framing and cementing are as well part of Yverdon's capabilities.

Thanks to its state-of-the-art equipment, this site offers customized products that leverage its vast material portfolio and provides solutions for many key industries, such as aviation, medical technology, optoelectronics, lithography, watch industry, astronomy, space, and laser, to name but a few.

Yverdon employs approx. 200 employees.

Portfolio of Products made in Yverdon

Historical Milestones

Historical picture of the building in Yverdon - SCHOTT Advanced Optics
Historical picture of the building in Yverdon
1968 Founding of  “Guinchard Verre Optique” by  Eric Guinchard in a garage

2000 "Guinchard" joins the SCHOTT Group and becomes "SCHOTT GUINCHARD" and is integrated into „Advanced Optics“

2004 Further enlargement of the building brings the total available space to 10,000 m2

2008 The company’s name is changed to "SCHOTT Suisse SA, Yverdon"

2010 All Advanced Optics coating activities in Europe are now concentrated in Yverdon