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Innovations in our DNA


Born of bold ideas

Those whose brand themselves with the slogan “made of ideas” must be very courageous. After all, SCHOTT is going to be judged by this. Every day. With every new product and every new innovation.

Advanced Optics hasn’t run out of new ideas yet. On the contrary, there is always room for improvement. And change. So that this remains the case, SCHOTT has been exploring the limits of product development for more than 130 years. Sometimes even going beyond these. With passion. And conviction. For only those who sometimes overshoot the target discover new pathways.

SCHOTT has achieved great things with this method, and has plans for even greater achievements in mind. Grand statements are not necessary for this – that’s because the products speak for themselves. The Advanced Optics innovations through time underscore this. All of them were born of bold ideas.