Creating moods, increasing quality

Glass can evoke emotions and connect the driver of a car even more closely to the vehicle. For example, lighting scenes created by ambient lighting.

Thanks to highly flexible glass fibres, this can be integrated into the smallest rooms, such as door openers or centre consoles.

Consider also fully glazed consoles with seamless displays mounted behind the ultra-thin glass surface. Not a dream for the future, but reality.
Discover the inner beauty glass.

Glass: material for the car of the future

Glass diversity for the automotive industry

Whether reliable airbag igniters, daylight laser lights, sensors or elegant, networked vehicle interiors: numerous application areas in automobiles rely on the unique properties of technical glass.

SCHOTT presents a world first: structured glass wafers. The technology behind it offers almost unlimited design freedom. And this with the lowest tolerances. This enables, for example, the production of perforated glass wafers that are used for further processing in pressure sensors for oil or air.

Special glass as a safety plus

But glass is also an essential factor that can increase safety in automobiles. SCHOTT is the leading supplier of hermetic glass-to-metal feedthroughs for airbag igniters and belt tensioners.

Special glass as a safety plus

Filter glasses for modern assistance systems

The broad portfolio of filter glasses paves the way for new assistance systems in the automotive industry. This includes components for autonomous driving, head-up displays and environmental cameras, night vision or LIDAR laser systems for obstacle and traffic sign recognition.

Filter glasses for modern assistance systems