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Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental, Energy and Quality Policy

SCHOTT Advanced Optics is focused on contributing to the economic success of SCHOTT AG. We want to work sustainably, grow, continuously improve and be successful as a Business Unit in the long term. We use the management system to limit risks and exploit opportunities in our context.

The AO Management Team and all Employees are actively working on the implementation of the Business Unit occupational health & safety, environmental, energy and quality policy:
  • We want to support the success of our customers by globally competitive quality standards for products, services and logistics at competitive prices and in compliance with high environmental standards.
  • We strive to offer our employees an attractive working environment. We promote the health of our employees and want to ensure a high level of occupational safety at all locations and develop employee skills through training and a working environment that facilitates learning processes.
  • We are committed to comply with all relevant legal requirements at national and international level and fulfill further binding obligations as well as the regulations of SCHOTT AG.
  • On the basis of internationally recognized standards for management systems for occupational health & safety quality, environmental protection, energy (ISO 45001, -9001, -14001 and -50001), we systematically and continuously improve product, process and service quality in an integrated system and are committed to environmental protection as well as to provide a work environment in compliance to safety and health standards. We reduce adverse effects on the environment, increase the energy efficiency of our processes and increase occupational safety for our employees. We involve our suppliers and customers in this effort.
The management of Advanced Optics calls on all employees and managers, as well as temporary workers and contractors, to align their behaviour and actions with the EHS guideline and quality management guidelines and the vision. Plant-specific details of this policy according to local and cultural context are documented in manuals for the respective plant. In order to promote more strongly a defined and practicable daily action to live the integrated policy, the safety and health policy as part of EHS policy is set out in more detail below. With the external ISO 45001 certification planned for 2019, this complements our conscious action in all corporate processes, which is characterized by the quality & environmental policy (external initial certification in 2001) and the internal EHS system.

Safety and health policy at work

Operational and personal safety has the highest organizational priority for us. Our goal is to continuously develop strategies, processes and procedures to ensure, that the highest possible safety level is reached and maintained at all our BU AO plants at all times. In order to do so, BU AO has committed itself to provide suitable and adequate resources needed.

Every employee bears joint responsibility for generating and supporting safe working conditions. Employees are therefore obligated to pay continuous attention to on-the-job safety and to be compliant with the binding obligations. All employees are informed about the safety and health management system, have the appropriate training for their job and always observe their own and company operational safety in their work.

Every manager is responsible for the safety and protection of his employees according to applicable laws and regulations and is obligated to familiarize, regularly train and supervise them accordingly as well as request for feedback of employees and workers council and to consider this appropriate.

We expect our management and process owners, to
  • act as a role model at any time and ensure that all operational activities are always safety driven,
  • continuously participate in the safety management system (EHS) and to actively promote and endorse the EHS policy to their employees,
  • proactively identify hazards, assess potential risks and develop and implement mitigation actions to lower risks to an acceptable level of safety and provide the documentation to the EHS Site Adviser,
  • ensure compliance with all relevant regulations and applicable standards,
  • provide the suitable and adequate resources for safety,
  • develop safety targets, performance standards and indicators and communicate these throughout the organization.
The Performance of third party service providers and their requirements for operational safety must meet our expectations and standards.

In order to create a transparent safety culture and to sharpen the safety awareness of all employees at our sites, we provide, among other things, a voluntary reporting system for safety and environmentally relevant events, which is actively pursued. We encourage all employees to report observed hazardous situations and unsafe conditions, unsafe actions as well as near misses or safety concerns additionally to reports of any accidents. In principle, these reports do not result in disciplinary measures against the reporting employee and can also be submitted anonymously - with the exception of criminal acts, gross negligence or intent on the part of the reporting employee.

It applies to all: Safety First.

In order to ensure sustainability, conscious and principled action is indispensable. Customer orientation and the zero-defect principle, ensuring quality not only in products and services, but also in every customer contact and in internal cooperation at all times, professionally reflecting the effects of one's own actions and aligning them with a responsibly approach to the environment and energy resources - these are elementary components of the Advanced Optics philosophy and policy.