When the space behind the glass is dark, SCHOTT MIRONA® glass is an elegant mirror. Light transforms it into a transparent window – a surprising phenomenon that enables sophisticated staging of spaces and objects.

The dimensions given are usually net dimensions without dipping edge. The gross dimension is supplied including the dipping edge.


  • Stable, highly durable hard-coating
  • Homogenous appearance in luminous reflectance and transmission
  • Different basis substrates are available
  • Wide range of different processing options
Glass type
Article T
Sides coated
Reflect. Color
Process. Opt.
Cont./Box (pcs.)
Cont./Box (sqm.)
General Description

Thanks to the new MIRONA® glass product family, we have been able to combine two functions that traditionally juxtapose one another – reflection and transmission.
Variant diversity of MIRONA® for different applications enable refined spatial- and object installations.

Product Light
transmittance τvA %
Visual reflectance
ρvA %
MIRONA® Standard Both side coated extra-clear low-iron float glass with an optical interference layer that enables defined reflection and transmission. 63 ± 5 34 ± 5
MIRONA® High Reflective Extra-clear low-iron float glass coated on both sides with the “High Reflective Coating”. This optical interference layer enables higher reflection and defined transmission. 42 ± 5 55 ± 5
MIRONA® Beamsplitter Extra-clear low-iron float glass with an anti-reflective coating on one side and the “High Reflective Coating” on the other. This allows for a defined reflection and transmission with virtually no annoying double reflection. 59 ± 5 36 ± 5
MIRONA® High Reflective - One Side Coated One side coated extra-clear low-iron float glass only to produce MIRONA® Beamsplitter as laminated safety glass. 57 ± 5 40 ± 5