SCHOTT AMIRAN® anti-reflective glass for façades offers crystal clear transparency, even with a significant difference in the amount of light in front of and behind the pane. It reduces reflections to just a fraction of those seen with conventional glass.

The dimensions given are usually net dimensions without dipping edge. The gross dimension is supplied including the dipping edge.


  • Luminous reflectance of < 0.5 % per manufactured glass surface
  • Hardly noticeable luminous reflectance and perfect view through the glass
  • Neutral in color
  • High transmission
  • High mechanical stability
  • Color rendering index of Ra = 100
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General Description

SCHOTT AMIRAN® vs. conventional Float Glass

Conventional float glass reflects approximately 8 % of incident light. This results in undesirable reflections. AMIRAN® glass reduces reflections in the visible spectrum to under 1% and thus allows for an unadulterated view of art

Coating durability

SCHOTT makes an enormous technical effort to provide a nearly reflection-free view: AMIRAN® anti-reflective glass is dip-coated using the sol-gel process.

All products have passed the following tests:
- copper chloride acetic acid spray test
- sliding abrasion with Taber Abraser process
- adhesive tape test
- alcohol rubbing test
- stylus test