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NEXTERION® spotting buffers

SCHOTT Microarray Solutions developed a range of optimized spotting buffers that are compatible with the NEXTERION® slide surfaces. Although many users printing DNA and protein microarrays opt to work with commonly used spotting buffers, such as 3X SSC and 50 % DMSO (most of which work well with the NEXTERION® coated substrates), SCHOTT has received many requests for fully optimized spotting buffers to significantly reduce the time and effort typically associated with spotting buffer validation. Often used spotting buffers can be ordered directly from stock, for all other buffers we are happy to provide the composition.
The choice of the spotting buffer plays an important role in binding capacity and spot morphology. Therefore it is extremely important to fully test slides with the appropriate buffer.
Spot morphology and signal intensity strongly depend on following parameters
• Composition of spotting solution
• Compatibility of spotting buffer and slide surface chemistry
• Spot density/pitch
• Nature, concentration, and purity of probe molecule
• Spotting technology
• Environmental conditions
• Immobilization procedures


DNA spotting buffer
NEXTERION® Spot is a robust spotting buffer that is suitable for use with most NEXTERION® coated slides. The reagent is a modified phosphate buffer with a pH of 9.0 and is supplied as a 2x concentrated solution. This buffer ensures excellent spot morphology, high signal intensities, and results in medium to small spot diameters. In addition, NEXTERION® Spot offers users the option of “tuning” the size of the printed spot by adding varying volumes of detergents. Specific instructions on how to modify the printing buffer are available on request, or on the SCHOTT Microarray Solutions website. NEXTERION® Spot is available as a 2x concentration in 100 mL packs.

order code: 1066029
concentration: 2 x


Low evaporation DNA spotting buffer for aminosilane coated substrates
For many DNA microarray users, the slide surface of choice is still aminosilane despite the increasing use of “active” surface chemistries such as epoxysilane. Although there are many commercially available spotting buffers already in use for this slide surface, many users report issues with evaporation during long print runs and spots that are too large for producing higher density arrays. To accommodate the needs of these amino silane slide users, SCHOTT developed an optimized spotting buffer for high density printing applications on NEXTERION® aminosilane coated slides.
Using NEXTERION® Spot A HD spotting buffer, spots of 80 µm in diameter can be printed consistently with a pitch of 130 µm (with pins with a tip diameter of 50 µm), allowing users to produce up to 50 K arrays with conventional contact printers. The spotting buffer produces spots with excellent spot morphology and signal-to-background ratios. In addition to offering smaller spot sizes for high density arraying, NEXTERION® Spot A HD also has impressive low evaporation properties for longer print runs.
NEXTERION® Spot A HD has been optimized for use with NEXTERION® Slide A+ and Slide AStar. NEXTERION® Spot A HD is available as a 1x concentration in 100 mL packs.

order code: Formulation will be provided on request
concentration: 1 x


Low evaporation DNA spotting buffer for epoxysilane coated substrates
Higher density arrays usually require extended print runs that typically result in evaporation from the source plates. To enable long print runs on NEXTERION® Slide E, SCHOTT developed NEXTERION® Spot LE, offering users the same performance features associated with standard NEXTERION® Spot, combined with low evaporation. The spot sizes are typically small enough for higher density arrays at between 60 – 70 µm, however sarcosyl may be added to increase spot size if required. The NEXTERION® Spot LE protocol provides full details on the key factors to consider when working with this spotting buffer. SCHOTT recommends printing with split pins at a maximum pitch of 180 ìm to obtain 20 – 25 K spot arrays. NEXTERION® Spot LE kit is available as a 1x concentration in 100 mL pack with 10 mL sarcosyl solution.

order code: Formulation will be provided on request
concentration: 1 x


Protein spotting buffer
NEXTERION® Spot PB was developed as a protein spotting buffer and has been optimized to work with all SCHOTT’s dedicated protein slide surfaces, including NEXTERION® Slide P, Slide NC, Slide E and Slide H. It provides outstanding spot morphologies and contains no BSA, thus eliminating a component that may compete with low concentration probe samples. NEXTERION® Spot PB typically produces spot sizes between 100 – 160 ìm, depending on the slide surface. NEXTERION® Spot PB is available as a 2x concentration in 100 mL packs.

order code: Formulation will be provided on request
concentration: 2 x

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