SCHOTT NEXTERION® celebrates its 15th anniversary

This year marks the 15th anniversary of SCHOTT's venture into the production of coated substrates used in molecular diagnostics. Starting with functional coatings for microarray applications, SCHOTT NEXTERION® today is a strong and reliable partner for many molecular diagnostic companies worldwide.
Marcel Fischer, head of sales and product management NEXTERION®, is talking about the future plans. 

What are todays key challenges?

We believe that flexibility is what matters. This applies to which glass the substrate is made of and how it is coated, but even more to its dimensions and processability. Stable processes and high reproducibility are major requirements our customers do have.

How does SCHOTT's products fit into this picture?

In fact, we have proven our flexibility in various customer projects. As of today, a broad range of coatings is available, such as amino-, aldehyde- and epoxysilane coated substrates in standard or customized formats. However, hydrogels and customized coatings are offered as well. We market these substrates under the brand name NEXTERION® and we are continuously extending the portfolio. Our strategic vision is to help make molecular diagnostics faster and cheaper for various applications.

This sounds like you are very committed to the business. Will you underline this with further investments?

We are very committed indeed and will keep investing in R&D, quality control and the increase of our production capacity. Also, the number of team members has almost tripled since the beginnings.

The pharma and diagnostics market is very dynamic - new start-ups form, M&A announcements are presented every day, other companies seem to be leaving again. How do you see SCHOTT's future in this context?

In our 132 years of company history we have learned to cope with market dynamics. It's nothing that frightens us. On the contrary, we see this as a great potential.

Today, we have a diverse customer structure: we supply many research institutes, established players in the diagnostics field, as well as start-ups. As an example, our customers profit from working with us as they don't have to build up expensive production equipment for substrate related processing, which is often beyond their means. From us they can purchase functionalized substrates, tailored exactly to their needs. 

To sum it up, we offer a diverse portfolio, are eager to support our customers in all aspects and have proven to be a reliable partner in molecular diagnostics. This is key in this business and a very important aspect for many of our customers. We very much look forward to the next decades and are excited seeing further innovations coming to life!
Trade Fairs & Events
Trade fair 12th International Conference on Genomics, Shenzhen, China, 26.10 - 29.10.2017
Trade fair COMPAMED, Düsseldorf, Germany, 13.11 - 16.11.2017
Trade fair International MicroNano Conference 2017, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 12.12 - 13.12.2017
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