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Glass microarray slides from SCHOTT

SCHOTT NEXTERION® Microarray Solutions is the leading supplier of uncoated and coated glass substrates for DNA and protein microarrays, as well as for many other life science applications. With over 125 years experience of technical glass manufacturing, and over 10 years experience in the production of microarray slides, SCHOTT is able to offer an extensive range of microarray slide products in standard slide, multi-well, microplate and custom formats.

With our high capacity, state-of-the-art, ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility and strong commitment to innovation, SCHOTT NEXTERION® is able to provide product solutions like microarray slides and glass substrate to meet the needs of customers engaged in cutting edge genomic and proteomic research.

NEXTERION® product range

For a complete overview of the NEXTERION® product range you can download a PDF file of our catalogue here.
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